Monday, May 21, 2007

The Miracle of Water


Have you ever thought about what a miracle water is? There would be no life without it. I've heard scientists say that it is extremely improbable for hydrogen to form, yet the Earth hit the lottery, and here we are. I dare say, we're no accident. But without water, there would be no us. And without a constant supply of water, we wouldn't last very long. For those of us that live in Central Texas, we're quite aware of our dependence on water, with all the droughts our land goes through. Yet, we have been blessed to have a great supply of it running through our faucets, hot or cold. So, thank You God for water...

Come to find out, water has been my issue this week. I finally called the doctor's office today, and the nurse told me that this fatigue I'm feeling isn't because I'm getting older, or because of the surgery. It's because the antibiotic is now attacking the good bacteria in my digestive system which is causing me to be dehydrated. And my dehydration (lack of water) = fatigue. The good news is, I can quit the antibiotic, and my body should replenish itself within 24-48 hours! Thank you, Lord!! (And I keep wondering, why didn't I call sooner?!)

So, I'm off to bed to help my body heal, but I wanted to post the update, so you can rejoice with me, in the importance of water!

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