Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lost Wallet

The last couple of days have been smooth and uneventful. Last night Chuck took some neat pics of Charlie with glow stick bracelets:

Experimentations with Light Experimentations with Light

But we decided we really needed a dark backdrop, so I went to the cloth store today, and that's the last place I remember having my wallet. I checked out, put my items in the small basket of Chance's stroller,'s gone. I've canceled the debit and credit cards, and I'm about to go to the police station to file a report. Has anyone been thru this before? Any advice on what to do, or not to do? My main concern is that I had a list of our social security numbers in it. Everything else can be replaced...

So, at least I have the cloth and we're going to redo the photo shoot tonight. It's been fun to have a hobby that both Chuck and I are into! Stay posted for more glow stick fun ;)

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Comment from Melony:

Oh no!!! I don't know about the SS card thing... I've only lost my credit card before and I did what you have done, cancelled it. I pray that you will find a solution to this problem. Sorry about that! :(