Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Love the Hill Country

The longer I live in it, the more it grows on me.

I also love having a good excuse to drive through the hills. I get to do a lot of that now that I live in San Antonio, as I drive half-way to Austin to meet my parents (to send the boys back and forth). We meet in a little town called Blanco. I bring all this up because the creeks I pass on the way actually have water, due to the recent rains. There hasn't been water since before we moved, so I'm getting to see it for the first time. Here's a low water crossing, for instance, on the way to Blanco:


I've found yet another reason to love the hill country! If you live in the area, and need something to do to unwind, take a hill country drive. It's truly therapeutic to the soul. And absolutely beautiful this season.

So, in Blanco, Charlie was so happy to a new car from the movie Cars, and the "Mack" truck. This is him at the restaurant, launching "Lightning Mcqueen."


He also recently got the racetrack to go with Lightning, and he is such a happy camper. I see now why movies make so much money off of the kids' merchandise! ;)

And also at the restaurant, Chance decided his chip must have salsa, so I let him try it. It was spicy, but he didn't complain. He just let the tears run down his cheeks as he happily employed his newfound skill of dipping.


He also cherished the drinks of water!

Then we went for a walk along the Blanco river. Sometimes I get these romantic thoughts of how wonderful the day will go with the boys since we're exploring a new place. Then my expectations come crashing down when I realize how unrealistic I am. Chance spent the entire time wanting to run and jump into the river. Needless to say, it was a short walk. This is him, crying, because Nana won't let him run...


Anyhow, I hope you're getting to enjoy the weather outdoors, and even take a walk or drive...

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