Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Fiesta!

~Lately Charlie's really into competition and reverse psychology. For instance, I'll ask him if he wants to talk to whoever I'm on the phone with, and he'll say, "No." Then I will tell him, "That's ok, only I can talk to (whoever)!" Then he comes running, wanting to talk on the phone. This works for goodnight hugs and kisses, eating dinner, etc. So last night, Chuck tried it, telling Charlie he was going to go lay in Charlie's bed. But Charlie outsmarted him, and said, "No, I'm gonna go sleep in your bed, Daddy!" Then Chuck called me to peek in our room. In less than 30 seconds, Charlie was passed out on our bed...

Who's that sleeping in my bed?!

So, being the proud parents and camera freaks that we are, we spent about 10 minutes trying to get a good shot with the low lighting. Ha!

~Anyhow, today a neighbor invited us to a Mini Fiesta. Her daughter is in a Mom's Day Out school at a local church, and the school was throwing the party. Since Charlie always asks to go to school, I thought this might give him a good taste, but to my amazement, he was too overwhelmed by the busyness to even enter her classroom. It's an odd thing for Charlie to become shy! But then we went to the Fiesta, and he had a blast. Of course, I took some pictures...

Mini Fiesta Mini Fiesta Mini Fiesta Mini Fiesta

And I must say, I was sooo proud of Chance. The party was around his nap time, so I thought it might be hard on him. But because he was tired, he just sat in his stroller the whole time, without complaint. It's nice when things actually go better than expected!

Mini Fiesta

Chuck joined us on his lunch break, and Charlie got him with a confetti egg.

Mini Fiesta

Here's our neighbor, Mandy, and her daughter, Luciana, playing basketball. Luciana is such a beautiful little girl, and I love the expression on her face!

Mini Fiesta

Once we got home, both boys went down for naps without a fight, so I can blog. Isn't that sweet?! Happy Fiesta!

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