Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ah, so much to share...

First, some catching up to do.

~Thursday Charlie went to the dentist for the first time. He was dressed as the Easter bunny, so that was pretty cool. Charlie was so cooperative and the nurse told me he did better than most of the three year olds she sees. She cleaned his teeth, did x-rays, plus his exam. What a trooper! Don't you love it when things actually go smoothly?! I, however, learned I shouldn't bring Chance...I spent the entire visit chasing him around the office!

Charlie at the Dentist Charlie at the Dentist

~Later, Charlie was just about to eat his sample toothpaste when I busted him. That's the second time this week he's tried to eat toothpaste! Then, he proceeded to tie up the dining room table and chairs with his new floss!

~On to Chance. Chance has a new skill, in that he loves to dip food. Chips and salsa, fries and ketchup, etc. And he usually looks like this afterwards:
Chance Discovers Ketchup

And the main event: Easter!

Chance was not so interested in egg hunting as he was in his new bubbles!

Easter 2007

Easter 2007
And this is my favorite pic of the day (good job, Chuck!!)...Chance and the dog.

Charlie loved the egg hunt and playing with his cousins.
Easter 2007

As for Chuck and I, having 2 cameras is overkill I think. Just call us "The Thier paparazzi."

Easter 2007 Easter 2007

[If you look closely, in my hair is confetti...we also had fun with the bigger cousins!]

On the way home, Chance serenaded us with his new language skills:
Daddy Mommy Byebye

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And I'm off, to try to clean and get my Bible study done. Happy Easter everyone!

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