Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Let's Go Shoot Ducks"

"Let's Go Shoot Ducks," Chuck says as he grabs his camera and whisks out the cabin door.

And it's in these moments that I think, I can't imagine life being any better than this.

Marble Falls Weekend

This weekend my dad and stepmom gave us a great treat: a weekend at a cabin in Marble Falls, and they watched the boys the whole time. We've been to the cabin about once a year for the last few years, and it never disappoints. I now understand why people buy "vacation homes," as I find myself yearning for a weekend away to the cabin when times get tough.

Marble Falls Weekend
[If you look closely, there's a butterfly in the tree.]

So, we had an incredible time. Chuck did all the cooking, we practiced our photography, we drove around the area sight-seeing, went shopping, watched movies, the works. Even played the Wii! One highlight was when we settled into the rocking chairs on the porch, about to enjoy a wonderful dinner on Friday, all of a sudden a storm blew in. One moment, bright sunny day, next moment, very dark clouds and high winds. We had to rush to get all our food and things inside. This storm cell evidently had spun off some tornadoes elsewhere, and I could believe it!! It was exciting, nonetheless. The other highlight, was getting to stay up late reading (yes, I'm a nerd, I love reading!), and getting to sleep in for two mornings in a row! Even just one morning is a luxury!

Marble Falls Weekend
[We watched this deer come within 15 feet of us, just before the storm blew in]

It always feels like a week-long vacation, even though it's only a weekend. But just as we savored every moment of our break, we also missed the boys greatly. It was great to get them back, get home, and just enjoy some family time. Chuck and Charlie baked a cake, and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Even Chance, kept singing " you," as he devoured his piece.

Also, I caught a few pics of the boys this afternoon when we got home:
Marble Falls Weekend Marble Falls Weekend Marble Falls Weekend

What a weekend. And it's not even my birthday yet! Times like this make me so in awe and grateful to God, the Giver of all good things. Everything in my life, especially the people, are such blessings to me.

Truly life couldn't get any better than this.

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Angie said...

Comment from Sarah Jones:

Sorry, I'm not better about commenting. I check in frequently though and love to see what you are up to... especially since it seems like we only see each other in passing these days. I'm excited about your new camera... you know I share the obsession! You always have great pictures and these most recent ones are no exception. I'm jealous of your weekend away! It sounds wonderful!!! We have a trip planned for June and I can't wait.

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!