Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Boys' Latest Sayings

Angie's New Camera
[Pictures taken with my new camera, see below :)]

There have been a few sayings lately that I've wanted to record:

Angie's New Camera


"It's not a pop-SICLE, it's a pop-SIZZLE."

"Brother hurt my fevers (instead of feelings)."

Angie's New Camera


"What's this?"

"All done."

"Choo-Choo" (sounds more like "dhoo-dhoo")

"Yumm" anytime he sees food or drink.

"Bye-Bye" and waves (even when we're not leaving, but he wants to leave).

It boggles my mind that Chance is starting to say words so clearly. Just doesn't seem right for a (small) 15 month old to be saying words, even phrases!

Angie's New Camera

Oh, and watch out world, Angie's upgraded to a dslr camera! :) Since Chuck got his fancy dslr a year ago, the photography bug has bitten me. In the last 3 years I've taken more pictures than in the rest of my life. Funny how having kids will do that to you! But once Chuck upgraded, I realized how much better the dslr can take a picture... So this weekend we found a used one for me. I'm so excited about learning how to use this majestic thing! But the big challenge will be to keep it away from the kids, as they are prone to breaking our electronics.

Angie's New Camera

These are the boys' new toothbrushes. The suction cups on the bottom have proven to be a source of endless entertainment!


Angie said...

Comment from Anton:

Hannah and Travis were worlds apart on talking. Hannah started very young and could carry on a real conversation by the time she reached 18 months. Travis on the other hand barely said two words by 18 months.

Yay for the new camera! You'll have to drag the kids along on a photo safari soon :)

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Wow, Hannah was an early talker. Maybe that's the girl in her?!

And yes, I wanna do a photo safari!! I prefer to take pics of people, but I think we could make it work (that's a good reason to bring my boys, and maybe your wife + kids, too!)... Did Chuck tell you I want us all to do a photo safari to McNay Park?