Monday, April 30, 2007

Around the House

Random pics

We've had a good week at home this week. No one has been sick. And we haven't done any traveling. And the weather's been perfect. Truly made for a good week. Here are the little updates:


~Charlie has improved in his speech so much. He's even more clear as he talks and can truly tell stories now. Like today he said, "Sometimes it rains outside, and sometimes it doesn't rain outside."

~Charlie's also become quite bossy. Chuck says, "I wonder where he got that from?" (me). I guess it goes with the whole strong -willed leader personality, and with being a big brother. But he even bosses Chuck and me around. Anytime I play with him, he tells me what to do the whole time. Last night as he was watching tv (and I was on the laptop), I heard things like, "Mommy, you go turn that light off? Mommy, you cook me a hot dog? Mommy, you go get my Lightning McQueen out of my room?" And somedays I get so sick of hearing "Mommy." Mommy this, Mommy that, all day long. I know I should treasure it, but literally I think he said it over a thousand times one day.

~We're getting closer to potty training. This week I often made excuses for needing to delay putting on his diaper, so he would just go on the potty. Pretty soon he liked it. Now on the days he goes diaperless, he potties all day. On the days we have diapers, still no pottying. But at least we're getting closer.

~And to help with the pottying thing, I've decided the boys can swim naked in their little pool. I am sure the neighbors love that, hehe. But I've given up on keeping them in swim trunks/ swimming diapers. The boys have so much fun in the nude, and it's just so cute and innocent. I have lots of funny pics, but of course, I'm not about to post'em ;)

Random pics
[Charlie drinks from the sprinklers over his pool.]

~To follow up with how Charlie's behaving in Bible class, this week was his last week and once again, the teacher said he did great. No issues. Whew!


~Chance has been growing! Just yesterday as I got him out of his crib, there was a noticeable difference in his size! He's getting taller, for sure. And he's still working on words. So far, he's mastered: Momma, Daddy, hi, Bye Bye, waffle (although it's more like "favul"), woof woof, choo choo, night night, vroom, bath, Nana, and banana. He's working on: kitty, grape, out, all done, more, and ball. It's fun to say a word to him and hear him try to imitate it. He gets really close most of the time.

Random pics
[Chance always eats double-fisted; with both hands!]

~Chance has also been into taking his diaper off before going to sleep. Like, at least 4 times in the last week. He also loves to throw his pacifiers out of the crib. It's amazing how easily those things get lost!

~He's no longer the good little sitter he used to be. When we go to stores, he's not so content to sit in the cart/stroller. And at home he usually fights sitting in the high chair. So I've started letting him sit at the table, although he's really too short to reach the food. Maybe it's time to go to booster seats?

~Chance is so much fun to watch go down stairs. He basically does a controlled slide. It's hilarious!

~Today as I grabbed the camera to take a pic of Chance, he said "Cheeeee". I think he was trying to say Cheese. What's funny about that is I don't normally tell the boys to say Cheese, I just photograph them in whatever they're doing. Charlie, however, does like to run around the house with his play camera and tell everyone to say Cheese. So that must be where he got it. What a smart little guy!

~Chance also loves to play "peek-a-boo." He loves to run into another room and have you call "Where is Chance?" He gives himself away by laughing. Then he likes to come around the corner, and for you to say "There's Chance! Peek-A-Boo!!"

Random pics
[Chance got "stuck" in this barstool this morning. It was so funny! He had no idea how to get out. I guess I'm a mean Mommy for taking pics instead of rescuing him ;)]

I've been trying to stay home more to conserve money and spend more time with the kids, and I must say I truly enjoy it. The continuous housework gets a little old, but I could hang with the boys forever. Makes me sad to think someday they'll be in school! But I've got a couple more years to enjoy this, and that's what I'm gonna do...Until my next blog :)

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Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

I love hearing about al the boys are doing. I'm sorry I've been a slacker about posting comments. Life gets busy.

I'm so impressed about your staying home to conserve money, gas and spend that quality time. I feel like I need to do something to slow down a little bit. I think this may be doing the opposite of what you are talking about but I think I'm going to put Linden in school next year just so I can get my work done without the boys here and then be able to spend that quality time with them when they are here. We'll see.

I'll try and call next week and maybe we can chat about photography stuff. I have paid my $10 at the McNay the last two times I was there but it was worth it and I'm sure they need it. There are always a million people snapping pictures when I'm there and I think their grass just gets trampled. By the way, I'm so excited that you got an SLR. Are you loving it?!?!

I want to call you anyway and get your expertise on posting videos. You are so awesome for doing that and I know my in-laws would love it.