Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wii Love it!

Ahh, there are so many fun things going on these days...

It's a bird, a plane

1. Tonight, we FINALLY got a Wii! I'd been checking Costco for almost a month now on a daily basis, thinking the shipment would come in. The funny thing is, this morning they said they still hadn't received them. So this evening I stopped by just to pick up some other things (I rarely go in the evening), and they had just gotten the shipment in about an hour before! For anyone who doesn't know, the Wii is in limited quantity and high demand. It's not easy to find. I've never thought I'd be willing to camp out for something...until now! Wooohoooo!

And I have never been so excited about a game system. Usually Chuck does enough game-playing for the both of us! Yet the simplicity of it is really awesome, and the fact that you move around instead of sitting in one spot pressing buttons is very intriguing. But what truly won me over was when we tried it at a friend's house, and I saw Charlie play! He loves it and he's really good at it. Maybe even too good! He nearly beat Chuck at bowling. It was then I knew, this is what I wanted for my birthday (which is still a month away, haha). Charlie and I will probably play all day tomorrow. Ahh, fun times!!

2. We have a mulch problem, and no, I'm not talking about the mulch fire that's burning about 5 miles from here. There have been tree-trimmers in my neighborhood for the last week and I asked them if I could have some of their mulch (they run the tree limbs thru mulchers as they're working). Well, I got more than I asked for... I have probably what is the equivalent of 5 truck loads! If you live nearby and want some mulch, please let me know!! I can't complain though, because my friend/builder is going to bring a crew with a bob cat over soon and spread some in the back yard, making it ready to put in a playscape. I can't wait! I'm so excited for the boys and all their friends to have a place to play!! So stay tuned, I'm sure we'll have lots of pics soon with all that. In the meantime, some of Charlie's friends (his dudes, Alex & Zac) came to play, and they all had fun in the mulch piles...

White boys can jump Stair steps

And on the piano...
Piano playing boys

3. Charlie is praying more. We watched a (cheesy!!) Christian movie, and in it the young kids pray to God, so now Charlie has no problem praying! Before, he would rarely pray himself, and often didn't care to join us in praying. But he loves to do it now, and even picked up phrases we don't normally say. His prayers often go something like this: "Thank you God, for our family and our friends," (I've never heard him say 'family' before; usually we just name each person.) Thank you for our food, my choc milk, and my monster truck, Amen." And tonight, as I put him to bed, he told me he hadn't prayed yet and wanted to. Then he prayed, and afterwards told me a story about how last night he was really scared of a big monster, but then he prayed, and there was no monster. He was really excited about it. It was a great moment, to be able to tell him how God loves and protects him, and to know he understood! There are no words to describe how much that means to me.

Just Chillin'

4. Chance has hit another milestone I guess, in that he can now play at McDonald's. Before he always was content to sit in the high chair the entire time. While he doesn't go into the playscape yet, he loves being able to run around with other kids. And today he imitated us (Charlie, Alex, Zac and me) by blowing bubbles! He would hold up the wand (in the air, not in front of his mouth), and then blow. It was so cute. He was so excited to be "one of the boys." He's also imitating sounds more. He tried to say "Night night" to Daddy. It's so great seeing him grow. I'm not enjoying the new need for discipine and the fits that follow, but I just love where Chance is in his development; showing more of his personality. Life is just getting to be so much fun!

Play time!

4. One other story: Today Charlie cried a little because he'd hurt himself, and I kissed his bobo. Then Alex and Zac both said, "Yeah, Charlie, I'll kiss it and make it better," and they both kissed his bobo too. It was just the cutest thing!


Angie said...

Comment from Anton:

Wii Ha!

Wii also love our Wii.

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Yeah, Chuck told me... as he tried out the new boxing game. I'm so glad you told him about it, he had so much fun, and got quite a workout!

Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

Angie that totally cracks me up that you want a Wii. I'm glad you are loving it though. You have to tell me what movie you got, even if it's cheeey. Hadley is not much of a pray-er either and I'd love to be able to encourage him. It's fun that Chance is now getting to the age that he is interacting with you. What fun stuff that he is probably starting to pick up new stuff everyday.