Monday, March 5, 2007

Ugh! More Sickness

And the bug continues. By Friday evening Chance seemed to be feeling better. Then early Saturday Charlie began his bout with it. This continued around the clock until Sunday afternoon. It seemed at this point that it was finally passing for Charlie. Then Chance started having diarrhea and acting sick again. And late Sunday evening round 2 started again for Charlie. There aren't really any funny stories to share, sorry for the yuckiness.

Today Charlie continued to suffer, but Chance seems to have made a full recovery. At this point I'm confident this is the rotavirus, which is especially bad this year, and usually only affects kids. It's also nearly impossible to keep your home clean enough to prevent it from spreading. So we're quarantined for awhile. :( But I am thankful that Chuck and I haven't been sick. And the good news is, the boys will be building immunity as they get through this, so hopefully next time it won't be so bad. This also reminds me that we need to stay away from indoor playgrounds like Chuck E Cheese, McDonalds, Chik-Fil-A, etc. No matter how good they are at keeping their playscapes clean, this virus can last on surfaces for a long time...

One happy thing happened today: Chance started saying more words. He said "Bye Bye" as he pretended to talk on the phone. He also imitated the dog, saying "Arf, arf!" And he's been saying "Momma" today, where I can tell he knows what he's saying. Finally we're starting to see what Mr. Chance is thinking. On the other hand, I keep trying to teach him signs for things instead of him just screaming (with the most grating, high pitched scream you can imagine from a 14 month old!)...and all he will do is clap or wave "bye bye." All in due time, I guess...

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Comment from Stacia:

I'm sorry you guys are still sick. I understand the feeling. I've been hesitant about going to the gym (indoor playground) since the boys can not seem to stay well. Luckily it's been nice weather. Hopefully Charlie is well enough to go outside and play so you can at least get out of the house.

I'm glad you get frustrated about Chance not signing yet too. I know Linden is still little to be signing on a regular basis but I keep thinking our life is going to get better when he can start to communicate with us. I do know Hadley was signing at 10 months but he was also the only child who I read to and spent all of dinner signing more. Now I'm lucky to get dinner on the table and I normally choose the shortest book before nap time and bed time for Linden. Poor second kid.