Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life is Funny Again

It seems the sickness is truly gone and we're back to funny stories. Here are a few from yesterday:

~As we were playing in the front yard, Charlie started playing with my cell phone, pretending to call his imaginary friends. The funniest part was the things he said, which I realized I'm hearing a recording of myself on the phone. His conversations usually went like this: "Hi Cheecha, What's up? Nothing, just hanging out at my house with my Chance. Ok, I love you too, bye!" Then he tells me, "Cheecha is coming over to my house and bringing me a present!" He loves presents, I tell ya...

~As we were leaving the playground, Charlie asked what the other people were doing. "They're getting in their car to go home," I told him. "They wanna come to our house," he replied. So I tried explaining to him that we don't know them, so they don't want to come to our house. "That's mean, Mommy! Yes, they wanna come to our house!!" Sigh...whaddaya do?!

~The nice thing about daylight savings time is that Chance isn't waking up at 7 am, he's waking at 8! So last night we all went to bed before 10. And actually, the adults were asleep before the kids, because I dozed off to the sound of the boys laughing at each other (thru the monitor) because they were going to sleep in the same room again! I figured as long as they stay in bed, it doesn't matter to me...

~Yesterday also brought us a step closer to being potty trained. I have a calendar for Charlie. If he goes potty for 14 days straight, he'll get free tokens at Chuck E Cheese. I told him about it Sunday, so he said he wanted to go potty, and he did. I thought that would be the end of it. But then when he woke up Monday, he kept going potty. After his nap, he came downstairs telling me how he went poopie on the potty....and he did!! He's never done that without me prompting him first!! So far, he's gone poopie on the potty twice and his diaper once. So we're 2-1 so far! I don't want to get my hopes up too high, I know this may not last... But anyhow, all day yesterday Charlie kept asking to go to Chuck E Cheese and get the free tokens. I think doing this for 14 days is going to kill him! :)

One last thing: I know I've already posted this pic, but I had to show it again, and show you one of Charlie at the same age. To me, they look so much alike. Can you see it? They even have the same teeth that have come in (you can see their molars in both pics). Enjoy!

My Cry Baby Chance
Cry Baby Chance

My Cry Baby Charlie
Cry Baby Charlie

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Angie said...

Comment from Christy:

Hey Angie! I love your blog. I haven't kept up, but if you don't mind I am going to put you on my links so I can check yours a little more regularly. I think I told you already but I need to say it again.... I love the Chuck E Cheese Potty chart! Thanks so much for forwarding it. Ayden is into it, too. We are even putting "Cars" stickers on it as an even bigger reward and he is diggin that! Of course, it is ony day 2 for us and I too am trying not to get my hopes just way up. But he has been OKay so far and I am really proud of him for trying. Well, talk to you soon.