Sunday, March 18, 2007

If a pic is worth a thousand words- here's a 9K word essay!

The River in Boerne Falls

I love blogging. I love having a record of all the little stories that happen with the kids. Last week I printed them out and put them in a notebook for the boys to have forever...and it's huge!! And I also love the feedback I get from friends and family, and just knowing that they know what's going on, even though I don't usually have the time to talk. I also love blogging because, as my friends have said, it can be therapeutic. When I have thoughts in my head, I can get them out through this blog.

But today, I got nothing. It's almost like a writer's block.

But I do have pictures. Sometimes those tell the story better than I could anyway!

The pics above I took while at the park in Boerne. This weather has been so great lately, so I finally was able to take the boys to see the river. We had a great time. Charlie kept saying, "This walk is fun!". I wonder if it's because we also stopped in at the toy store across the street?! ;)

So here are a couple I took of the boys while there, as well:
Charlie Chance

And also, my sister Randi, surprised me by coming up for the weekend from SE Texas. I was bummed to not get any really good pictures, but here a couple I had fun with:
Randi Visits Randi Visits

[I especially liked the color one because I didn't even mess with the color saturation; it was just that bright! I did bring up the shadows, since my camera tended to white things out]

Lastly, I've been playing with my camera in manual mode, and found that it actually works better. I'm also beginning to understand what I'm doing, which helps! This is at a park in a neighborhood near us:
A park at twilight A park at twilight

And a silly one to end our time:
Silly Chance

PS I'm posting all my pics smaller. What do you think works better (big or small)? If you want to see the bigger version, just click on the picture.

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