Friday, February 16, 2007

Wow, I feel really stupid (I'm so sorry y'all!)

Ok, I had told Chuck the other day that I wasn't sure if anyone reads my blog on this site, because I never get comments. I usually get some on my myspace page ( So, I was looking back at my archive and low and behold!!! Comments!! I just needed to approve them! Duh! Wow, I'm so sorry if you left a comment and I never replied!! One entry had 856 comments...all but 1 was spam. But the spam is fixed, so I should be able to see your comments now. I had no idea I was supposed to approve them. Just goes to show you I'm not very techie (sp?).

And thank you so much if you've left a comment in the last year!!! I just got it, and I'm so encouraged to see how other people were interacting with my blog!!!! So keep'em coming, I'll read'em now, I promise!

PS If you check out Gallery of pics, you may have noticed I've been lagging. So today I caught up. I added lots of pics to "Life of Charlie, the third year" and "Life of Chance, 6-12 mo and 12-18 mo"

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Angie said...

Comment from Ed:

Oh, we read your blog. Just ask Chuck. "So, your kids think you work at Costco, huh?"