Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quick Recap of the Week

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I guess I'm a little behind on blogging. Not much has happened lately that I really want to remember...or at least I've been too out of it to notice what's noteworthy.

Starting about a week ago, Chance decided to wake up early every morning again. We had been enjoying a great reprieve of that for the last few weeks. However, 7 am was his time of choice. No more sleeping until 9 or 10, no matter what time I put him to sleep the night before. That alone makes for a hard day. Then Chuck left Thursday for his conference, and BOTH boys decided they did not want to sleep through the night. For the next three nights, Charlie woke up at least once wanting chocolate milk and to sleep with me. Chance woke up every few hours. The longest he went was 6 hours on Friday night. Most of that time we were in Austin, visiting the grandparents and helping my dad with a yard sale. So by the time Chuck got home, I was a zombie. Thankfully, he took yesterday off, and let me get a 2 hour nap. There is truly something to be said about uninterrupted sleep, ya know? Anyhow, I took Chance to the ENT today thinking this must be an ear-issue, and surely enough he has a slight infection in conjunction with his cold. Luckily since he has tubes in his ears, all he needs are some ear drops and benadryl (yay, no antibiotics!). Although he also has been taking shorter naps, he's been really happy during the day, which makes the sleep deprivation bearable.

Some new things: Chance is understanding commands, like: "Sit down on your hiney," "Don't touch that," and "Come here." And the other day as we were playing in the front yard, I watched in amazement as Chance climbed up the slide and then slid down it all by himself! Even with the second, I still get surprised by how fast they learn!


On the downside he's wanting his way more. Today we were at Chuck E Cheese and he kept wanting to run around. I let him do that a lot, but when I'd pick him up, he'd wiggle with all his might for me to let him back down. So finally I put him up on my shoulders, so he reached down and bit my finger! I spanked his hand (that's a first), and he cried quite a bit. He also did the wiggle thing while I was trying to get my keys out of my purse at the car later, which sent my camera flying and broke my filter! Sigh. I guess he can't be perfect all the time.

Charlie is doing well. Yesterday he went to play at his "dudes' house" while I cleaned house (thanks Holly!!). Holly was telling me that he was so well mannered the whole time. That's always so reassuring! I can hear a friends' advice when I hear things like that: "When you discipline your children, you give them the gift of being liked and accepted and invited into people's homes." Of course it could also be because I told him that if he didn't behave I'd come get him! ;) Ha! He had a blast though, and for the first time, he got in the car without fighting me or crying because he didn't want to leave. He's also playing better with Chance, and sharing a lot. He often wants Chance to play with him and shows him how to do things, and gives Chance toys. It really is so fun to see how their relationship is growing. It's so much greater than I thought it would be at this age!

And with that, I'm out. The boys are napping, and I think I need a nap too!

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Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

You are a great mom parenting through the hard times while Chuck is gone. Those are the times that I just strongly remind Stefan that it's time for a night out. I'm glad you got through it. By the way, I'm impressed that you used your Charlie is gone time to clean house. I normally find other things to do when Hadley is at school or playing with someone. You're quite dedicated.

I can't wait for Linden to be at the age to understand things like sit on your hiney. I'm sure he gets more than he acts like he does but it will be a big day still to tell him don't touch and for him to at least look at me like he has a clue about what I'm saying.