Monday, February 19, 2007

Paper Foundations

Charlie at the creek

Yesterday in Bible Class, Charlie learned the story about building your house on rock versus sand. He had glued a little house on construction paper and even glued some rocks underneath it. So I asked him to tell Daddy what he'd learned. Daddy asked, "What'd you build your house on?" to which Charlie exclaimed, "Paper!"

I did ask him who was the Rock and he said, "Jesus!" He says Jesus with this Southern twang, it's really cute. He also twangs "last night" a lot.

For this weekend I tried letting Charlie skip naptime again because our schedules usually included something during naptime. Saturday night by about 8:30, Chuck told me he was trying so hard to stay awake watching tv. Last night he was sitting at the dining room table around 8, eating chips, and nodding off. As his eyes would close, his head would fall backwards, but then he'd wake up. It was so funny. I wish I'd gotten video!

This morning as we were backing out of the driveway, Charlie began cheering, clapping and saying, "Yay, Mommy! You not hit the rocks!" (I ran over our rock wall around our flowerbeds a couple of weeks ago). It was so funny! I can't believe he remembered that...

Today as we were sitting at a table eating at Costco, Charlie noticed a woman nearby with her daughter, who was maybe a little older than Charlie. "That lady have a little girl, Mommy." I was wondering where he was going with this. Then he says, "And you have a big boy!"

After Costco, we went kite flying. I had bought a cheap kite at HEB and an expensive one at Costco. Which one flew better? The cheap one!!

Charlie got bored with the kites and decided to take his own pics with my camera...

kite flying

I took this one on the playground...

Chance in a tunnel

Charlie took this one later that night at home. He even tried one with a flash and one without. Little prodigy, I'm telling ya!

Charlie's pic

And this he took also while we were flying kites. Can you see him in the (dirty) reflection?

Charlie's Self Portrait


Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

That totally cracks me up about his encouragements about not hitting the rock wall. That's hilarious. I love those pictures. Where was the one taken of Charlie by the water? The one with his dirty reflection is great! I'm not brave enough to let Hadley even try with my camera. You are a nice mommy!

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

He gets to play with my camera because it's not an expensive one! If I ever get to upgrade to an SLR, his picture taking days may be over. Although, there's talk of getting him his own camera... we'll see. ;)