Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's the Little Things

A few little things that happened today that I don't want to forget:

1. Chance would stretch up to reach the piano keys, play the keys for a few seconds...then he'd peer around the couch to see if I would clap and praise his "performance." When I did, he'd go and do it again.

2. This morning I explained to Charlie that he was going to play at Alex and Zach's house, and that I'd go back home to clean house, then pick him back up. He responded, "That not good idea, Mommy." I thought it odd that he wouldn't want to go to their house so I asked "What's not a good idea?" "You pick me back up not a good idea."

3. Alex called Charlie's new little motorcycle a Harley, which Charlie was quick to tell him, "It not Harley Davits, it just motorcycle." Later I was telling Charlie that they mean the same thing, to which he said, "It not Harley, Mommy, it an Indian Motorcycle." Wow, I didn't even realized he knew the brand.

4. This evening Charlie asked me to hide under his covers as I was putting him to sleep because there were monsters. So I did, and I asked him to hold me because I was scared (imitating him). He said "No, I not hold you, you really big. You only hold Charlie!"

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Comment from Stacia:

You've got to love that boost of confidence that you are really big. Those little tidbits crack me up! Sorry I never emailed you about the children's museum. I really wanted to go but Hadley has school on Mondays.