Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Charlie's 3rd Bday Party

Charlie had a great birthday party this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese! I am in awe of how blessed we are, to have such supportive friends and family! Thank you so much to all those who came, and especially those who travelled from Austin! As I filled out invitations a couple of weeks ago, I came to realize that San Antonio is truly home. I'm so grateful that my son has friends! And that those friends came to play and celebrate his birthday! This year was our first to stay home for Christmas, and now to have Charlie's party here instead of in Austin...the transition is ending, and we're truly "home" now.

Charlie's 3rd Bday Party

My youngest sister, Anna, and her boyfriend Charlie, even came up from Louisiana. It was so great to have some time with the family and friends. Of course, we didn't get much of a chance to visit since Chuck E. Cheese is naturally chaotic due to all the loud fun going on! But still, it meant so much to have everyone there. Just like Mary "treasured in her heart" all the things people told her about her baby Jesus, I treasure all of the love that has been poured out on my son.

On a lighter note, there was a moment this week that I'm not sure I treasured so much:

A Rocketship

I heard Charlie making this artwork, and thought he was moving his cars along the wall as he often does. So when I came up the stairs and saw his creation, I confronted him. "What is this?" I asked, meaning "Is this paper, or is it a wall?!" "A rocketship!" Charlie answered without as much as a hint of shame. He began to tell me all about it, without giving any thought to the fact he might be in trouble for this endeavor. We've been through this before (a year ago!), and I thought he really understood we only draw on paper. Although I guess I'm partly to blame because I usually make sure the coloring pencils are out of reach, but I had left them out the night before. Anyhow, Charlie learned that when you make a mess, you get to help Mommy clean it up. So I scrubbed with the magic erasers, and he came behind me with a wet cloth, and we cleaned the walls 'til they were good as new. "This hard work" he said. I thought that was cute (and confirming to me that I chose the right consequence!).

Charlie had an exciting event Friday. Big Daddy took him to a Monster Truck Rally. He got to meet the drivers (and still has the autograph on his arm to prove it!), ride in the back of a monster truck, and then watch the rally. Needless to say, he had a blast!

Monster Truck rally

Now the excitement has died down for awhile, although he's spent all day playing with all the new toys his friends and family gave him.

And I'll leave you with this: This evening during the boys' bathtime, I noticed how much you can really see their long eyelashes... I can still hear my Mawmaw (grandmother) say, "He's too pretty to be a boy!"

Long eyelashes

More Long Eyelashes

Fun in the tub

Fun in the tub

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I'm glad you had fun at the party and wish we could have been there. Sounds like there was much love for Charlie. You deserve a pat on the back for choosing the right punishment. Don't you love it when that happens?!? Love those gorgeous lashes!