Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ages and Stages (Three going on 13!)

Chance Playing Outside

Ok, I guess I'm having blogging withdrawals, because I keep thinking I need to sit down and write something...but I don't have anything really.

This weekend was great. We had our Life Group over Friday night, which was such a blessing. It was awesome to have time to get to know our friends a little more. And, it was our first time to have a group in our home, and I am so grateful to have a home that could accommodate.

Saturday Chuck watched the boys while I took a long nap. It was awesome! That probably sounds odd, but when you have little ones, you know getting to sleep when you want, for however long you want, is a true luxury. Just the fact that I could lay in bed after I woke up, instead of rushing to take care of someone was a great treat! Chuck played a lot with the boys, and we had lots of family time, which I cherish so much. My desire for family time has been making me less outgoing, more of a homebody.

Saturday night we went to church, and I worked in the nursery, which is always fun. Usually I'm with the babies, but this time I was with the 18mo-2yrs class. I missed holding those babies, but I loved seeing these sweet toddlers play and learn. It was the quietest class I've ever seen!

Sunday I also got to sleep in, thanks to Chuck taking the early shift (Is my husband great or what?! What did I do to deserve all this?!). Then that afternoon I had Mommy time, where I went shopping (yay for Goodwill!) and studying, my favorite things.

Monday was Charlie's 3rd birthday, so Chuck took the day off to spend with him. We started off the day with breakfast, complete with singing happy birthday and having him blow out a candle in his biscuit! Then he helped Daddy put his new train table together. It has a storage drawer, so I showed Charlie how he could put his toys in it. Later I noticed he'd cleaned everything off his table and put it in the drawer. I thought that was cute.

He also had many phone calls throughout the day from family wanting to wish him happy birthday, but he decided to be shy and not talk to anyone. Of all days for him to be antisocial?! I also let Charlie skip naptime since it was his birthday (because we sometimes skip it, and he usually fights it when it comes)...but that was a big mistake. He was an emotional basketcase by the evening, so instead of making birthday brownies, he was sent to bed early. Poor guy! One funny thing, though, was he kept asking me "It still my birthday?" I guess he thought it didn't last all day...

Today I had Bible study, which is my favorite day of the week! Getting to study the Bible and having fellowship with other women, what more could I ask for?! Unfortunately, Charlie has been resistant the last few times. He cries when I wake him up, telling me he doesn't want to go to Bible Class, he wants to stay home. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but today I realized I just needed to stand firm and not give him sympathy. This happens to be the only day of the week that I wake him up. And he always loves class, and talks about how fun it was. So, today I administered spankings when he refused to get ready. He hasn't had spankings in a long while, at least a couple of weeks. Surely enough, he began obeying as I dressed him, and was a happy camper. Go figure.

Then afterwards I met some other moms, and we let the kids play on the playground at church. One of their daughters was laying on the grass, and Charlie suddenly ran up and jumped on top of her...for no apparent reason. I got onto him, and told him to apologize. He pointed at me and said, "You apologize. You jumped on her, not me!" I was dumbfounded and trying to not laugh at the same time. His tone was one he has never had with me before. VERY disrespectful. Sigh. Anyhow, so I was talking to the other moms. Both have boys older than Charlie. I told them how I've been lenient on him lately because he doesn't seem to be defiant anymore since he's quit throwing fits...but now he's getting an attitude. I feel like I'm talking to a teenager, with the way he tries to argue with me about anything and everything, plus now he gets bossy and rude. They both agreed that age 3 is harder than age 2. I was thinking the worst had passed. Yeehaw, fun times ahead. It seems like as soon as I figure out the best way to respond to him, he changes, and I'm at a loss all over again.

So we got home and he went right to bed for nap time today! No way are we having a repeat of yesterday! :) I am thinking we might need to be more committed to naptime again too, if this attitude keeps up.

While he napped, Chance and I played outside. I think Charlie's rebellion makes me cherish my time with Chance even more, because it's so refreshing to be with a child that is at a happy stage, not testing his limits yet. I definitely love both my boys equally, though. I guess Charlie's stage of development just makes me appreciate Chance's stage more, because I can remember how wonderful it was when Charlie wasn't so into testing Mommy's authority...

So here is the fruit of our adventure outside. I hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful day as well.

Chance Playing Outside

Chance Playing Outside

Chance Playing Outside


Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

I know I've only met Chuck one time in person but I really think that little guys looks like Chuck. I'm with you on thinking I've figured everything out with how to discipline Hadley and then he goes changing things on me. I'm a little nervous about three being around the corner as I heard it can be harder than 2 too.

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that sees Chance's resemblance to Chuck. Of course, everyone in my family thinks he looks like I did as a baby. But I think he resembles Chuck more in his face, even more than Charlie did at this age.