Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Stories

Funny Charlie

I thought of a few more stories to record:

1. This morning Charlie told me, for no apparent reason, "You just a girl, Mommy." Hmmm...

2. This morning as I put clothes in the dryer, usually Charlie notices and comes to help. I don't know if it's because of that or what, but this morning Chance came over and started putting them in the dryer with me. No instruction necessary, no helping on my part, he just knew what to do. He amazes me so much with how he picks up on things.

3. Yesterday, as soon as Charlie got in the car to come home (from Austin), as always he wanted to know when he could go to Alex and Zach's house. Alex and Zach are brothers, who are his closest friends. In fact, he calls them, "Charlie's dudes." Anyhow, I told him that they might still be sick. He told me, "Yes (as opposed to "No"), they are all better now." Then I tried to call and no one answered, so I told him they're not home. "Yes, they home!" he replied. Later Charlie said, "Alex crying for me, Mommy."

I thought that was funny, but then I called again, and Holly (Alex and Zach's mom) told me Alex had just said "When we get home (from the store) Charlie will be waiting for me on our front porch." Those boys are on the same wave length, I guess. :)

4. I told Charlie this morning that we're going to Costco with Alex and Zach. He told me we couldn't because Daddy is working there. I think I've mentioned this before, but Charlie thinks Daddy works at Costco because we meet Chuck there for lunch all the time.

Chuck and Chance

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