Monday, January 29, 2007

The Lego Era

Charlie on playground

Well, it's finally here. The moment Chuck has looked forward to since the day we were married (and probably before)~ he has a son with which to play legos! Of course, there was a funny story there, which I'm sure he'll mind that I share. ;) A few months after we were married, Chuck asked if he could buy some legos. He already had a great collection, but I was not aware of how much these little plastic toys cost, so I said, "Sure, knock yourself out." The next night I asked him, "Did you get your legos today?" He said he did. So I asked how much he spent...and he said "50 dollars." "FIFTY DOLLARS?!?!?!" was my usual soft spoken reply (haha). Then the clincher... "Each." He had bought two packages of these little toys that should be made of gold, or at least silver, in my opinion! Ahh, so his love affair with legos goes way back, as you can imagine. So I told him he'd have to wait until he had a son who wanted to play with them before he could buy more. Well, maybe I didn't say that, but it seems that we somehow arrived at that agreement. Anyways...

Here we are, 7 years later, and the time has come. This tightwad will have to learn to embrace the lego culture. Charlie LOVES legos. He's been playing with the megablocks since he was a year old, but now, it's finally happened. He's graduated to the little ones. The little expensive ones. And the fact that this is something he and Chuck totally bond doing, means it's really time for me to accept that legos will be a part of our life...and budget.

And I don't know if this is related to the lego bonding that's been taking place, but Charlie has recently decided Daddy is way cooler than Mommy. Just a minute ago, as we asked him who he wanted to put him to bed, he said "Daddy is my first (choice)." There you have it. While Daddy has always been more fun, Charlie still always wanted Mommy's attention...and Mommy to put him to bed. Chuck would always gloat because he'd get to relax while I had to put Charlie to bed night after night. So the tables have turned, maybe I should enjoy it. I knew it would happen, and I'm happy it has. But I do feel a bit dethroned. I guess it's just the next little step in letting go...

Charlie Missing Daddy

Charlie missing Daddy while he's at work.

Oh, and if you happen to be buying Charlie a birthday gift soon (he'll be three next week), you know what could help out our budget. ;)

In other news, since my last blog, we realized that Chance was sleeping a lot because he was sick. He ran a fever for two and a half days. At one point I took his temperature between ibuprofen doses and it was 104.5! (I got a different thermometer, so that's in Fahrenheit. I still can't fix my fancy one...) I called the dr, they said if he had no other symptoms, then don't worry. Easy for them to say. Anyhow, his fever finally broke Sunday, and he seemed to be over it. The Sunday (last) night, he hardly slept, and kept waking up with a piercing, "I'm in pain," cry. I nearly took him to the doctor, but as soon as I allowed him to stay awake, he was no longer fussy. No fever, no other symptoms, no idea why the crying. I would think ear infection, but he has tubes now, and he has no fever. Teething? He's not fussy during the day.... I'm at a loss. So he was happy all day, but here we are again, and he's already waking up, 3 hours into his night.

So, today, running on 4 hours of sleep, I backed the minivan out of our driveway on way to the grocery store, plumb over our rock wall enclosing our flower beds. So I messed up the body under the sliding door on one side. At least I got to get out some aggression hammering on the base of it, trying to get it to work again. Nearly every accident I've caused has been in reverse. I guess that should tell me something...


Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

Hang in there Angie! I'm sorry your little guy has been sick. I guess we all know what it feels like at the moment and I would have totally been freaking out with a temp of 104.5. You make me laugh about your car. I'm sorry that happened too.

By the way, Hadley is going through a serious Daddy phase. I was a little concerened about going to Seattle without Stefan because Hadley has been putting on that same pouty face that Charlie has in the picture when he starts missing Stefan while he's at work. Just relish your time to yourself as Chuck puts him to bed. I'm sure it'll change back to you eventually and if it doesn't at least you've got Chance. (That's what I keep telling myself about Linden)

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Yeah 104.5 was quite scary! After I talked to the dr, I confirmed their advice with some books and online sites.. I learned that your body won't get above 106 in a normal environment, and unless it runs at 106 for a long time, it won't do you any harm. It's actually good to let it run hot, so it can burn off the bad germs, but if your baby's uncomfortable, then ibuprofen's ok. And the dr said it's much more common for kids' temps to spike like that. Even after I learned all this, I was a little scared still!