Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Delightful Return to Monotony

Winter Blast 2007

I haven't taken many pictures lately, so here's one more from the ice storm.

Things have been great here, just nothing exciting enough to blog about. However, a few Charlie stories have been waiting in the wings. And Chance has learned a few more things...

~Charlie's becoming more and more verbal. This makes me more and more afraid of what he's going to say when we're out in public... He recently spent a couple of days with Big Daddy and Nana (my dad and stepmom). They told me that he told Nana she needed to take her glasses off because it made her look like a grandma. Nana took that as looking "old," and removed them immediately!

~Also while there, Charlie doesn't get spoiled at all, really! So yesterday morning as he was lounging in their bed, watching his cartoons, and eating the breakfast Nana had cooked him (and brought him to eat in bed), my dad enters the room and turns on the light. Charlie got on to him, saying, "Big Daddy, you interrupt me!"

~Charlie's latest clever scheme: As we're eating lunch at a restaurant, of course he finds the gumball machines. I now know how people make money off those things...kids like Charlie beg the parents/grandparents. Anyways, as a reward for eating lunch he gets 2 quarters. So he gets gum and a ball. He then wants more...so he tells me, "I think Chance want a ball, Mommy." Suddenly, Chance can communicate to Charlie in a way no one else can! He's been using Chance as an excuse for a lot of things lately!

~Chance has picked up a few more new tricks. He points his pointer finger now, although not usually at anything. He truly understands waving, and just moves his fingers in the "gimme" gesture. He has learned how to get down from high places. He lays on his tummy and pushes himself backwards, although he usually aims the wrong way. It's really fun to watch!

~This weekend Chance came into the room with a spoon in hand and yogurt all over himself. (He's really wanting to master the spoon, although he's a long ways off still). I tried to figure out how he got into the yogurt, then I realized, he's just tall enough now, that if he stretches his little fingers on the counter tops, he can pull things down. The yogurt and spoon had been sitting out on the kitchen table. All that to say, my childproofing just went up a notch. He's very curious and into everything!

~Today (also at the restaurant) Chance picked up a straw and tried to put it in my drink. I was impressed at how he understood to that. So I told him how I wished he knew how to drink through a straw so I could've shared my drink with him (I know, not sanitary...). Anyhow, I decided to let him give it a try, and whaddaya know?! The boy can drink through a straw now!

Both boys are at such a great stage right now. Charlie is less defiant, Chance is more independent. This is really getting fun! What a blessing they are to me!


Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

I love those stories! What fun little boys are. Sorry you may never look through your old blogs at these comments but I'm still going to comment because I didn't get the chance when I was in Seattle.

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Hehe, I do read'em now!