Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Chance's Birthday and Our Road Trip

Chance's 1st Bday

Chance had a great first birthday, even sandwiched in between Christmas and New Years! He started the morning with Mom and Brother singing Happy Birthday, with a cinnamon roll complete with a candle! Then he devoured 3 whole cinnamon rolls. As you can see above, this made him very happy.

Then we went to Austin that evening for a little party at his grandparents'. He loved eating his cake, for sure!

Chance eats his birthday cake

Yummy cake

Then we headed out to SE Texas. Unfortunately, mine and Chuck's batteries were low on our cameras, so we didn't get many pictures! :(

We had a good visit with a dear friend of mine, Aliceson, and her precious family! She looked beautiful, and she's 37 weeks pregnant!

The Haynes Family

The Haynes Family

Aliceson - 37 weeks!

We also had fireworks with the kids, and Charlie loved it!

Charlie likes the fireworks!

And lastly, we had a late Christmas with my mom and brother...

Visiting Mom & Adam

Adam shows us his fave movies

Whew, what a weekend! Poor Chance, though. We returned home, just in time to get him to the doctor and found out his back molars are coming in. Plus he was given 2 immunizations, so he's not a happy camper! If it's not ear infections, it's something else...

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