Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All Snowed In and Loving It!!

Ok, well maybe "snowed in" is a bit of a stretch. Sleet, ice, and a little bit of snow is more like it. But Chuck has been home from work since 2 pm yesterday...although he is working from home. Still, it's awesome to have him here! The water is out, so that's not fun, but I'm just thankful we have power. If that goes out, we're in deep trouble. It's in the upper 20s right now! And we have lots of trees entwined around the power lines in our neighborhood, so I've got my fingers crossed.

Sleet on the ground
Ice/Sleet/Snow on the ground

Icicles on the icicles
Icicles on the icicles

Ice on the screen
Ice on the Screen

ice on the window with no screen
Ice on the window with no screen

ice on the screen, and in between.
Ice on the window and the screen!

Chuck and I keep staring out our windows in wonder, but our boys seem to be oblivious. I don't think they realize how rare an occasion this is! The snow is just starting, and should continue thru tomorrow morning! Once it really accumulates, we'll go exploring outside. So more pics to come, of course! San Antonio hasn't gotten more than an inch of snow at a time since 1986, when it got 13.5 inches!! I don't know if we'll even get an inch this time either, but it's still fun...

Hope you're staying warm today, even in Texas!! :)

PS In response to my last blog, I guess I was wrong, it can snow in South Central Texas, and I can use my nose again!! Yay!!!


Angie said...

Comment from Jenna:

Hey!! Today was sooooo much fun, Ryan had a blast and me and dustin had a snowball fight it was 25 degrees here almost all day!! keep warm love ya Jenna

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Yeah, y'all actually got "snow" I'm so jealous! And how fun for Ryan to experience it, even if he didn't know how rare an event it is!