Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Chancey Boy!

Yet another wonderful event to cram into this holiday season is Chance's first birthday. I cannot believe tomorrow will mark a year for this little one! Today, we got his first haircut. Actually, we all got haircuts~ Charlie first, so Chance wouldn't be scared, then Chance, then Mommy! I love Cool Cuts for Kids because they set the boys in little firetrucks for seats, turn on a movie, and cut hair while the boys are busy. SOOO smart. And it's always hard for me to get a haircut without a babysitter, so it's so nice to be able to have them play there while I get mine cut as well! So I have 2 handsome boys today.

Charlie Haircut

Chance's First Haircut
He wasn't even a bit nervous, although the beautician had to get him to stop combing his hair long enough for her to cut it!

The haircut was only one of half a dozen errands we ran today, and I'm so proud of the boys for enduring the drudgery. We had lots of things to do, especially getting things ready for Chance's birthday party tomorrow. We're having just a little gathering in Austin with the family and a few friends. I've decided that after this year, we'll go ahead and have cake at home with him on his birthday, but start having real parties in the summer. So his next real party will be when he's two and a half. Chuck thinks it's a little wierd, but I think it's not fair on him or anyone else, to be so close to Christmas. He'll get everything he wants for Christmas anyway, and we'll all be broke, and once he's older, many of his friends will be traveling. So, summer it is! I think June 29th sounds much better than December 29th. :)

Santa Chance

Oh and one Chance story... This past Saturday morning, when Chance woke up oh so early (as usual), Chuck got up with him. That's one perk for me, since he's weaned now. Anyhow, I had been trying to teach him to clap his hands, so I was delighted when he came into the bedroom to wake me up, clapping! So, he can clap now! Everytime I say "Yay" about something he starts clapping. He also claps to music, and when he is really excited about something...especially food or drink! Imagine that!

Charlie Santa

Things have been sooo hectic lately. I counted last week, and we had been out of town for 19 of the last 32 days. We leave again tomorrow for the party in Austin, then head to SE Texas to see family until Monday. And next weekend we'll be back in Austin for a wedding. Sometimes I get to where I feel like life is so monotonous at home, but then things get busy like this, and I just long for some monotony! Heh. This weekend we did just stay home...we spent bonding time together, like making pigs in a blanket! Charlie got a real kick out of that.

Charlie makes pigs in a blanket

I'm sorry if you're a family member or friend and I haven't called lately. We've just been enjoying our time at home. Sunday (Christmas Eve) we went to the 3 pm service at church, and we were hesitant to go because it was Charlie's naptime, but it worked out great, because Charlie slept in our arms in big church (Bible class wasn't being held for Charlie's age), so it was sweet. Then we headed out to Driftwood to the big Villareal (my paternal side of the family) Christmas Eve party, which was a blast as usual. Then we returned home, along with Nana and Big Daddy. Santa visited that night, bringing the boys a big plastic playhouse (see previous post). Santa was pretty cold in the strong winds on the porch at midnight assembling that thing, though! Boys, your Santa sure loves you!

So, as usual, now when we're home, I'm cleaning house, doing laundry, and packing for the next trip. I realized today with all the errands that it's really much easier to clean house than run errands with 2 toddlers!

The boys went right down for naps as soon as we got home, so now I get a moment to myself (to blog). And, it's over...Chance just woke up. Happy New Year...and Happy Birthday, Chance!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Life With Toddlers

Charlie Santa

I again feel the need to record some of the things that happen over and over, yet I'm not organized enough to put in their baby books....

Mommy sayings:

"No, sir, do not put that in your mouth."

"Do you need to go to the bathroom (for time out)?"

"Thank you, Big Helper."

"Do not do that your brother; that hurts him."

"Aww, you're ok."

"I'ma gonna getch you!"

"No, sir, you do not hurt yourself, do you understand? I need a 'Yes Ma'am.'"

Charlie sayings:

"'Morning, Mommy. Sun came up in my room!"

"You do it. Charlie not good at it."

"Hold you, Mommy, hold you." (Hold me, is more like it...)

"Chance wants to go to McDonalds."

"Daddy come home, I show him my BIG motorcycle. It goes like this: Vroom, Vroom!"

"C'mon Mommy, I have show you somepin!"

"I not baby, I Charlie, Big/Strong Boy!"

"I not name Spanky, I name Charlie."

"I make a pooty!! Puuueeey!"

"We eat diapers? (giggles at himself) We eat shoes? (more giggles)"

"Watch this, Mommy!"

"Charlie not 'Buddy,' just Charlie."

"I not Dada, Chance. Dada not here. I Brother!"

"I just looking at it!" (when he's about to touch or eat the forbidden...)

"Mommy, it Charlie's turn play computer. I wanna play Bob Builder game."

"I love you, too." (Even if he's the first one to say it, "too" is always included.)

Chance's Sayings:




"Da da!"

"zu zu za za"

"mmmm" when he sees food. He also makes kissing noises...

He can also scrunch up his nose and make piggy noises.

"Roar!" for engine noises, to scare Mommy, and how he says, "Whazzup!?"
He loves talking on the phone, and really thinks we should understand his gibberish. He's getting to where you can tell his tone of voice changes as he talks.

He also loves anything with buttons: The tv remote, computer, phone, camera, etc. He is very adament about being able to press those buttons, even if it's being used at the time.

Funny stories:

A couple of weeks ago Charlie had a stomach bug and was vomiting a lot. Fortunately, he had good aim, most of the time, and really amazed me at how he could make it to a bowl (sorry if that's too much info). He didn't do as well about restricting his diet though. I told him he couldn't have anything to eat, and he did well for about 12 hours, but then he was busted later when his oatmeal cookie made its second appearance.

Tonight he told me, as he crawled into my lap, that he was going to make pooty (fart) on me. I kept moving him, but finally he was near tears as he asked if he could just do it, so I let him sit in my lap, and couldn't hold back the laugh as he grunted and grunted, but couldn't successfully let out a poot. Life with boys is definitely not frilly!

Chuck and I often play the "You're my Charlie" game, where we compete over whose he is... Tonight Charlie said "I'm Daddy's Charlie." So I said, "Oh yeah, well that's my Daddy." He quickly responded, "No it's my Chuck!" I guess he understood I was saying Daddy because that's what Chuck is to him, so he translated it back to me...

Chance got a little ride on "Mater" tow truck for Christmas, and has amazed me with how he's figured out how to sit on it. I really thought he'd just push it around for awhile. Now he sits on it (straddles it really), but instead of going forward he goes backwards. He gets bored with it once he backs himself into something.

Charlie got a remote control truck, which he can only drive forward and backwards. He hasn't figured out how to turn it yet. Anyhow, he loves hooking it up to the Mater tow truck and having Chance push it around backwards.

Charlie's Camera Squirt Gun

Charlie got a camera squirt gun in his stocking. If you look closely, you can see the stream of water.

Chance Gets His Christmas Present

Chance Gets His Christmas Present

Santa brought the boys a big playhouse for Christmas, complete with a built in gas station, soccer goal, and basketball hoop (I want a house like that!!). Charlie calls it his basketball house.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Daily Progress

I think I have neglected to write enough about the boys. I love the holidays, but I hate the hectic schedules, especially now that I have these boys!

Chance on the playground

Chance hit another milestone this week: he finally figured out how to drink from a sippy cup. This is a great relief, as we'd been trying to get him to figure it out for the last few months. I'd resorted to letting him have a bottle with handles, which dripped everywhere. It's amazing how different kids excel at different things. Charlie knew how to suck through a straw at 6 months old, and figured out a sippy cup soon after, the first time we handed it to him. Maybe it's because he loved to nurse that he could figure it all that out. Speaking of nursing, now that Chance is fully weaned, we get more cuddle time instead, which has been sweet. And he didn't seem to mind being weaned at all, which is a stark contrast to Charlie as well. Charlie would actually slap me when I told him he couldn't nurse anymore! He was so mad! And I weaned Charlie to having a sippy cup of chocolate milk instead, whereas Chance doesn't like milk and doesn't need anything to go to sleep... His personality is just amazing to me. It takes a lot to make him mad, and he doesn't really throw fits yet (Charlie had that down by 6 months old!).

He's a little more shy than Charlie (Charlie thought all strangers were people who wanted to be entertained by him), and definitely more affectionate. More content to sit in your lap and love on you. This is one way he and Charlie are complements. Charlie likes to entertain and be in the spotlight, while Chance likes to observe. And while he's not as active as Charlie was, he definitely gets into things. Just this morning, Charlie's little couch was against our sofa, so he climbed up Charlie's, onto the sofa! He's beginning to figure out how to get down, too...but not enough that I could leave him on the sofa yet! He LOVES to climb the stairs, and is getting to where he remembers things... Like if I pull him off the stairs and bring him in another room and show him a toy, he gets right back up and goes back to the stairs! He's really into exploring the toilet right now too!

He also loves to imitate sounds. He makes the roaring sound for animals and engines. Recently my dad blew a whistle, and then Chance tried to make a whistle sound. He also loves to sing, dance, and as of today: clap! He is a bigtime drummer, as well!

Most of all, he loves his big brother. It is soo much fun to watch them play together. They chase each other around the house a lot, and almost wrestle. Anytime Charlie's around, Chance is happy, especially in the car. When I was driving back from Austin without Charlie recently, I noticed how much of a harder time Chance has when Charlie isn't around to entertain him. I think he just missed him too.

Charlie in Franklin

Charlie is also at a great stage right now. He is becoming even more self sufficient. He can pull his socks on by himself, wash his hands in the bathroom alone, turn light switches on and off without help, etc. He's also beginning to move from a sippy cup to big cup. Last night, after he showed me how good he was at drinking from a "big boy" cup, he proceeded to scoop his green beans and mashed potatoes and put them in it. Then he said, "Watch me, Mommy, drink my green beans." All boy, I tell you...

He has gotten to the point that I can leave him unattended and take a nap without worrying. That's huge for me. The only thing he might do is roll up all the small rugs in the house and group them together!?! Don't know why, but that's what he's really been into lately. Odd, I know.

He definitely has a great imagination. A couple of days ago, he went around his grandparents' house with his Aunt Mitsi and his water gun, hunting the lions and tigers. Usually there are only bears in our house. He sometimes goes ahead of me into each room of our house so he can protect me, and he shoots all the bears. He also takes his tools around and "fixes" everything. I often hear him in his room playing, making his toys talk to each other.

He can make deals now. Yesterday we shook on a deal that if he could not be cranky or disobedient, I wouldn't make him take a nap. Later that evening, when Chuck was home with him, he told Chuck he was going to go lay down in his room. Chuck asked if he was going to sleep, he said "No, just lay down." Of course he was passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow...

Charlie on the playground

He likes to play with Chance. They really play well together overall, although once Chance realizes that Charlie takes all his toys, there may be problems... If Charlie hurts Chance he always gives him a kiss and tells him he's sorry. There have only been a couple of times that Charlie's ever intentionally hurt Chance, which has been a pleasant surprise to me. I know the days are coming when they may not get along so well, but for now I'm loving it!

He has quite a sense of humor. This morning as I walked out of the bedroom, Charlie said, "Hey Mommy." Then Chuck said, "Hey bebe." So Charlie imitates Daddy's voice and said, "Hey Bebe!" I think his laughing at himself afterwards is what makes it the funniest!!

Did I mention he can count to 11 and is working on his ABCs? He's just growing up way too fast, in my opinion!

Oh, and just after Thanksgiving, he began praying on his own! I guess from seeing everyone pray before meals, he decided he could do it. The first time we were eating at home afterwards, he prayed out loud, then asked Daddy to pray. Then he told me "I can't pray big like Daddy." It was so cute. We encouraged him that he did a great job, even if he couldn't say as much as Daddy...

I had been told once that the first year of having 2 boys 2 years apart was hard, but once I got past that, it would get so much easier, and I really think that it is true. Of course, Chance sleeping through the night is helping a lot! But now everyday I wake up excited that I get to play with the boys all day. Chuck and I talk often of all the things we want to do in the near future. I'm excited about teaching them, taking them places to learn and experience, and just playing with them. They are truly our greatest asset, I treasure them more than anything else this life could offer. How could I ask for more?!

Chance sleeping

Monday, December 18, 2006

Greg Thier

Ok, so for anyone needing more details about Greg Thier, uncle to Chuck, and father to Michelle (Meesh) Boston...

Greg Thier's funeral will be Thursday at 3 PM at Marshall Ford Fellowship. He will be cremated, so there will be no graveside service.

In case you didn't know, Greg first had some diabetic complications that caused him to check in at the hospital about 2 weeks ago. While he was there undergoing tests, he had a heart attack. He was later given a blood transfusion, and then had some small strokes. He had been making good progress recovering from those for a week, and Saturday was even able to say "uh huh" and "nuh uh" and shake his head to show he understood and could respond. Sunday morning he had another stroke which pretty much took him instantly. He had just been telling us (before the strokes) that he was looking forward to his first grandbaby (Michelle is due in May 07) and retirement in a little over a year. So this was somewhat unexpected.

Michelle is holding up very well...I don't think things will really sink in for awhile. She's doing an excellent job of trying to sort through all the estate stuff. Please pray that God would help us get all the affairs in order.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for donations to be made to Greg's favorite charity, The Make A Wish Foundation. If you were wanting to send flowers anyways, you could send them to the church (Marshall Ford Fellowship, 5000 Marshall Ford Rd, Austin tx 78732).

Even if you didn't know Greg, but know Meesh, please come if you can to the funeral to be there to support her.

I greatly appreciate all your love and concern!
With a heavy heart,

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Santa and more Niagara

Last year, I was 2 weeks away from having Chance, and we stood in line for over an hour to see Santa. This was no easy feat with an almost 2 year old who loves to run! We met Santa a couple of times as he walked by and Charlie gave him high fives, yet as was Charlie's turn to sit on Santa's lap, he freaked. But then Santa gave him M&M's (that old saint knows what makes Charlie tick!), and allowed Mommy (and almost full term Chance) sit on his lap with him...and we managed to get this picture:

charlie with santa 05

That poor old saint had 3 people on one knee. I hope he recovered in time to drive his sleigh around the world...

Anyhow, this year, Charlie had no problem getting on his lap, and telling him about the "Big Little Car" he wanted for Christmas. Chance, however, was just not sure. We did get this quick shot just before Chance lost it:

charlie chance with santa 06

I also caught this pic on my camera, after Chance's exit...

Charlie and Santa 2006

And afterwards, we did a little photo shoot in the mall:

Sweet Brothers

Christmas Chance

Also, more Niagara Pictures... Chuck put together a couple of panoramics...

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls Panorama

The American Falls
American Falls Panorama

There's a constant rainbow or two when the sun's out, because there's always a mist coming from the Falls. Kinda neat that God reminds us that He won't destroy us with water again, as we look at this extremely powerful sight!

Niagara Rainbow

And, you know me, always the daredevil, right in front of the "danger" sign. But I'd like to remind certain people (Chuck) that Chuck did it first! ;)

Angie Shoots the Rainbow

A couple of fun facts: Only one person has gone over the Canadian Falls (without any equipment) and survived. A 7 year old boy was in a boating accident, and went over, and was recovered (he did have a life jacket on) at the bottom, with no injuries! His 17 year old sister was rescued just before going over. Also, the first person to go over on purpose was a widow and a school teacher (is that really enough to give you a death wish?! haha!). She and her cat got in a barrel, and survived the trip with only minor scrapes and bruises. The next person who survived went in a steel barrel and was in recovery for 26 weeks with lots of broken bones. I told Chuck that if I was in an indestructable container and knew I wouldn't get injured, I'd do it ;)

Niagara Falls

Anyhow, many people have died, not only falling down the falls, but trying to raft the white waters before and after. The pictures really don't capture how incredibly huge these falls are. And to think, Man has slowed the falls to only 40 miles per hour! I don't know what it was before, but through dams and things, we've slowed it down to keep it from eroding too much. It was eroding 10 feet a year, now it's only 1 foot every 10 years!

Niagara's Erosion

Enough water still flows over the falls a minute to fill a million bathtubs. There's just no way to truly explain, you have to see it for yourself. God's creation is absolutely awe-inspiring!

Niagara Falls

Thursday, December 14, 2006

7 Blessed Years Ago

Chuck and I entered into a covenant that has produced many joys, and 2 precious boys. Our honeymoon was originally planned in Colorado to go snow skiing, but due to breaking my ankle a few weeks before the wedding, we rescheduled to spend a week in San Antonio of all places! Now the irony is, we live in San Antonio, and we finally got to go somewhere cold for our anniversary! Chuck surprised me by finding a cheap last minute travel deal to Niagara Falls for the weekend! So we left the boys with their grandparents (my first night away from Chance...he's truly weaned now), and jetted off to Buffalo NY. It took us 5 hours total to get there, and we had an incredible weekend. Their weather was unseasonably warm, which was fine by me! I still had 3-4 layers of clothing at a time! I think it was obvious that I was from Texas ;) Anyhow, we did a lot of sightseeing in this, their off peak season, and loved every minute of it! Of course, Chuck and I took tons of pictures...

Staying bundled up
Staying Bundled up

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

We also got to ride the Skywheel, a ferris wheel with climate controlled compartments, which had an awesome view of the Falls lit up at night....


The trip home was not as quick, with plane delays and transfers... It ended up taking us 3 plane rides and 10 hours to get back to Austin, but it was an adventure.

I have more pictures to share (big surprise there, huh?), but I'll wait until Chuck gets his pictures on the computer.

Niagara Falls

Then my family and I took the boys to the Austin Trail of Lights:

Austin's Trail of Lights

Charlie's Favorite was the Zilker Christmas Tree:

Zilker Tree

After that, I returned with Chance to San Antonio, as he got tubes in his ears yesterday morning. Everything went smoothly, thank you so much to the many who were praying for him. Afterwards he was a bit fussy from the anesthesia, but once we got home he was happy, and tried to walk around the house. It was funny watching a one year old (well, almost) walk like a drunk man! Then he took a 4 hour nap, also thanks to the anesthesia. Anyhow, we're so glad he has the tubes. The doctor even said his ears were already in the process of getting infected again! And he slept through the night last night, which was wonderful!!

I'll leave you with one funny story. As I was packing for our trip, and doing laundry, Chance (the constant investigator) decided to check out the dryer. Charlie soon followed. Charlie said, "It nice in here," because I'd just taken some clothes out (and they were sitting on the rest!) so it was still warm. Charlie kept asking me to close the dryer door, but I just couldn't do it.

But I guess you're not a kid until you've sat in the dryer. Someday they'll be too big to do it, so why not let them while they can? :)

How to Stay Warm in Winter

PS By popular demand from my last post, here's a pic of our house at night. My camera doesn't do very well with night photography (or at least I don't know how to do it), but hopefully you get the idea...

Christmas lights

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

It Christmas Time Again, Baby

And the Christmas spirit is in full swing here! I had thought long and hard about not having a Christmas tree this year since Chance is into an investigating stage... And for the last couple of years we had been looking for a fake tree to buy, and had kinda given up on finding one that we liked and could afford. A fake tree would've been ok to have up, but not a real one this year. Then I came across a fake one I love and "ta da!" We have a Christmas tree after all!! While Charlie was staying with my folks this Sunday we decided to assemble it, and to my great delight, Chuck actually got into the Christmas spirit, and went on the roof to install lights outside. We've never had lights up before! Having an almost-3-year-old has caused a lot of this. When we were in Tennessee, Charlie would get so excited when he saw houses lit up with Christmas lights. So we surprised Charlie when he got home, showing him that now he had a "Christmas house" as he calls it. Tonight we put the ornaments on the tree, and it is amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year I had to keep Charlie away from the tree most of the time, but this year he could hang the ornaments himself, even the breakable ones! His favorite ornaments were the trains (no surprise there), and my Green Ford Explorer...child after my own heart! Afterwards we enjoyed a game of sword fighting with the wrapping paper rolls. We're pirates, Charlie says. I guess the Christmas spirit only lasts so long...

Our tree, before ornaments:
Decorating for Xmas

And after:
Decorating for Xmas
Good job, Charlie!

Chuck, bravely hanging lights, and trying to give me a heart attack ("I don't need a harness. If I fall I'll just blame it on you for making me do this," he says. Thanks, Honey!).
Decorating for Xmas

Also an update on Chance's ears. We saw an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat dr) yesterday, and he said he does need tubes in his ears, and they fit us into his schedule for today. So he wasn't allowed any food or drink today until after the surgery at 1 pm, which made him very fussy, of course. So I did allow him about 2 ounces of water, not realizing that this was forbidden as well... So we got into the pre-operation room, and they said they'd have to cancel! I felt terrible! I should've read the information better. So we've rescheduled for next week, at 8 am which will be much easier on him. I'm really looking forward to him getting some relief (and sleeping through the night). Oh, and the good news is he hasn't incurred any damage to his hearing from the infections. Thank you, Lord!

Funny Stories:

Chance is still roaring at everything. I put him in the tub yesterday, and he roared at a little rhinocerous toy. After his bath, he proceeded to carry rhino around the house roaring at it...or for it...I dunno! He loves it when he roars and then I cover my face and tell him he's scary.

In the car today Chance was babbling "Da da da da" to his little truck toy, and Charlie informed it "not 'da da da da', it's just 'monster truck.'" Later he told him "Da da not here, only Mommy." Today Chance has been saying "ma ma ma ma" and "na na na na" a lot more, which is nice to know that Mommy and Nana are moving up the list, up there with Dada and Buba.

Chance, just like his brother at his age, has found a new toy: Mommy's wallet. It is so much fun to pull everything out!
Chance in Mommy's wallet

Monday, December 4, 2006

A Tribute to Grand Mammy

There's a song that has really struck a chord with me lately. Here are the lyrics:

Seven years old upon my knees
On the third row pew trying to see
My grandmamma sing In the Sweet By and By
It wasn't the sweetest soundin' thing
But there's somethin' about when grandmamma sang
That moved your feet and stirred something up inside

To see her grin from ear to ear
One thing for sure was very clear
This wasn't just a song
It was her life

In the sweet by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore
In the sweet by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore

The times have changed to say the least
My grandmamma's voice, a memory
Just like the old song says she's on that shore
And if she's looking down on me
I hope she's proud of what she sees
Cause thanks to her I'm walkin' with the Lord

Oh to hear her once again, Wrap herself around that hymn
Lord, If I could just go back once more

In the sweet by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore
In the sweet by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore

There's a land that is fairer than they
By faith we can see it afar
For the Father waits over the way
To prepare us a dwelling place there
Oh I can hear her, singing along

In the sweet, by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore
We shall meet on that beautiful shore

I love the sweetness of this song. It's recalled many memories for me of my relationship with my (living) Grandmother. Her faith has always been an influence in my life, and this song made me realize how it was yet one more factor in my coming to Christ. In many ways, she is a hero to me. I've admired her love for life, her self-sacrificing love for others, her ability to raise 10 children, her uncanny perception into the needs of people and meeting those needs, her generousity, her craftmanship, I could go on and on. She's not perfect, definitely a sinner and saint, but no sin in her life has made her saintly side any less beautiful and miraculous. She's amazing, yet I can completely relate to her, with all my imperfections. And Christ still shines so brightly, it gives me hope for my own life.

I remember being so nervous one day as she and I took a walk in the country. I mustered the strength to finally ask her if she knew the Lord. I was so relieved when she told me her story, about her faith. From that day as a young adolescent, we have shared a sweet bond not only as family, but as believers, members of God's family. She's a beautiful lady, and I'm so grateful for her presence in my life.

I guess the reason I'm sharing all this is because it helps keep things in perspective. What are the long term goals for your life? Also on the heels of my de-idolizing a future career as being the pinacle of my worth (See 'Thanks to Feminism' blog), I'm realizing more everyday how I hope to have the same success as my grandmother. To have children and grandchildren who walk with Christ, and to know that God gave me a part in that. How incredible would that be?! I have said before that I wanted to have kids, so I can get to the reward: the grandkids! I can't wait to be able to have a relationship where I don't have to be the primary disciplinarian, but can just show affection all the time. And not only that, but as the song's lyrics allude to, and my grandmother is a great example of, I will have the great priviledge of teaching my grandchildren about the Lord. About who He is, and what great things He's done through the ages and in my own life. And it is my ultimate desire to have them fall in love with Jesus, because they know who He really is, through His Word and through my life. That is the success my grandmother has attained with me.

This realization also came through my recent study of Exodus, which cross referenced over to Deuteronomy 6. Here are a few of the verses that have sparked this thought:

(Context: Moses' sermon to God's people before the cross into the land promised by God)

1 These are the commands, decrees and laws the Lord your God directed me to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess, 2 so that you, your children and their children after them may fear the Lord your God as long as you live by keeping all his decrees and commands that I give you, and so that you may enjoy long life....
6 These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

These are only a couple of the many verses where you see how God places great importance on teaching our children and grandchildren about Him (and His Word). While I've always assumed that this responsibility lay with me and the Church, I'm now realizing it's really more my (and Chuck's) responsibility, and that it includes my grandchildren. I want to be like Timothy's mother and grandmother, whom Paul attributes to him coming to faith. I want to be the one that my grandchildren remember fondly as Bart Millard does in the song above. I want to be like Grand Mammy, loving my grandchildren and giving them a picture of the love and grace of God. Oh how fulfilling it would be to know my family has an accurate understanding and deep abiding love for our amazing God!

Truly there could be no greater joy than to know that my (grand)children are walking in truth. (3 John 1:4) And the sweet by and by reunion will just be the cherry on top!

Mammy showing Chance the birds at the zoo.
Mammy and Chance