Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Life With Toddlers

Charlie Santa

I again feel the need to record some of the things that happen over and over, yet I'm not organized enough to put in their baby books....

Mommy sayings:

"No, sir, do not put that in your mouth."

"Do you need to go to the bathroom (for time out)?"

"Thank you, Big Helper."

"Do not do that your brother; that hurts him."

"Aww, you're ok."

"I'ma gonna getch you!"

"No, sir, you do not hurt yourself, do you understand? I need a 'Yes Ma'am.'"

Charlie sayings:

"'Morning, Mommy. Sun came up in my room!"

"You do it. Charlie not good at it."

"Hold you, Mommy, hold you." (Hold me, is more like it...)

"Chance wants to go to McDonalds."

"Daddy come home, I show him my BIG motorcycle. It goes like this: Vroom, Vroom!"

"C'mon Mommy, I have show you somepin!"

"I not baby, I Charlie, Big/Strong Boy!"

"I not name Spanky, I name Charlie."

"I make a pooty!! Puuueeey!"

"We eat diapers? (giggles at himself) We eat shoes? (more giggles)"

"Watch this, Mommy!"

"Charlie not 'Buddy,' just Charlie."

"I not Dada, Chance. Dada not here. I Brother!"

"I just looking at it!" (when he's about to touch or eat the forbidden...)

"Mommy, it Charlie's turn play computer. I wanna play Bob Builder game."

"I love you, too." (Even if he's the first one to say it, "too" is always included.)

Chance's Sayings:




"Da da!"

"zu zu za za"

"mmmm" when he sees food. He also makes kissing noises...

He can also scrunch up his nose and make piggy noises.

"Roar!" for engine noises, to scare Mommy, and how he says, "Whazzup!?"
He loves talking on the phone, and really thinks we should understand his gibberish. He's getting to where you can tell his tone of voice changes as he talks.

He also loves anything with buttons: The tv remote, computer, phone, camera, etc. He is very adament about being able to press those buttons, even if it's being used at the time.

Funny stories:

A couple of weeks ago Charlie had a stomach bug and was vomiting a lot. Fortunately, he had good aim, most of the time, and really amazed me at how he could make it to a bowl (sorry if that's too much info). He didn't do as well about restricting his diet though. I told him he couldn't have anything to eat, and he did well for about 12 hours, but then he was busted later when his oatmeal cookie made its second appearance.

Tonight he told me, as he crawled into my lap, that he was going to make pooty (fart) on me. I kept moving him, but finally he was near tears as he asked if he could just do it, so I let him sit in my lap, and couldn't hold back the laugh as he grunted and grunted, but couldn't successfully let out a poot. Life with boys is definitely not frilly!

Chuck and I often play the "You're my Charlie" game, where we compete over whose he is... Tonight Charlie said "I'm Daddy's Charlie." So I said, "Oh yeah, well that's my Daddy." He quickly responded, "No it's my Chuck!" I guess he understood I was saying Daddy because that's what Chuck is to him, so he translated it back to me...

Chance got a little ride on "Mater" tow truck for Christmas, and has amazed me with how he's figured out how to sit on it. I really thought he'd just push it around for awhile. Now he sits on it (straddles it really), but instead of going forward he goes backwards. He gets bored with it once he backs himself into something.

Charlie got a remote control truck, which he can only drive forward and backwards. He hasn't figured out how to turn it yet. Anyhow, he loves hooking it up to the Mater tow truck and having Chance push it around backwards.

Charlie's Camera Squirt Gun

Charlie got a camera squirt gun in his stocking. If you look closely, you can see the stream of water.

Chance Gets His Christmas Present

Chance Gets His Christmas Present

Santa brought the boys a big playhouse for Christmas, complete with a built in gas station, soccer goal, and basketball hoop (I want a house like that!!). Charlie calls it his basketball house.

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