Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Chancey Boy!

Yet another wonderful event to cram into this holiday season is Chance's first birthday. I cannot believe tomorrow will mark a year for this little one! Today, we got his first haircut. Actually, we all got haircuts~ Charlie first, so Chance wouldn't be scared, then Chance, then Mommy! I love Cool Cuts for Kids because they set the boys in little firetrucks for seats, turn on a movie, and cut hair while the boys are busy. SOOO smart. And it's always hard for me to get a haircut without a babysitter, so it's so nice to be able to have them play there while I get mine cut as well! So I have 2 handsome boys today.

Charlie Haircut

Chance's First Haircut
He wasn't even a bit nervous, although the beautician had to get him to stop combing his hair long enough for her to cut it!

The haircut was only one of half a dozen errands we ran today, and I'm so proud of the boys for enduring the drudgery. We had lots of things to do, especially getting things ready for Chance's birthday party tomorrow. We're having just a little gathering in Austin with the family and a few friends. I've decided that after this year, we'll go ahead and have cake at home with him on his birthday, but start having real parties in the summer. So his next real party will be when he's two and a half. Chuck thinks it's a little wierd, but I think it's not fair on him or anyone else, to be so close to Christmas. He'll get everything he wants for Christmas anyway, and we'll all be broke, and once he's older, many of his friends will be traveling. So, summer it is! I think June 29th sounds much better than December 29th. :)

Santa Chance

Oh and one Chance story... This past Saturday morning, when Chance woke up oh so early (as usual), Chuck got up with him. That's one perk for me, since he's weaned now. Anyhow, I had been trying to teach him to clap his hands, so I was delighted when he came into the bedroom to wake me up, clapping! So, he can clap now! Everytime I say "Yay" about something he starts clapping. He also claps to music, and when he is really excited about something...especially food or drink! Imagine that!

Charlie Santa

Things have been sooo hectic lately. I counted last week, and we had been out of town for 19 of the last 32 days. We leave again tomorrow for the party in Austin, then head to SE Texas to see family until Monday. And next weekend we'll be back in Austin for a wedding. Sometimes I get to where I feel like life is so monotonous at home, but then things get busy like this, and I just long for some monotony! Heh. This weekend we did just stay home...we spent bonding time together, like making pigs in a blanket! Charlie got a real kick out of that.

Charlie makes pigs in a blanket

I'm sorry if you're a family member or friend and I haven't called lately. We've just been enjoying our time at home. Sunday (Christmas Eve) we went to the 3 pm service at church, and we were hesitant to go because it was Charlie's naptime, but it worked out great, because Charlie slept in our arms in big church (Bible class wasn't being held for Charlie's age), so it was sweet. Then we headed out to Driftwood to the big Villareal (my paternal side of the family) Christmas Eve party, which was a blast as usual. Then we returned home, along with Nana and Big Daddy. Santa visited that night, bringing the boys a big plastic playhouse (see previous post). Santa was pretty cold in the strong winds on the porch at midnight assembling that thing, though! Boys, your Santa sure loves you!

So, as usual, now when we're home, I'm cleaning house, doing laundry, and packing for the next trip. I realized today with all the errands that it's really much easier to clean house than run errands with 2 toddlers!

The boys went right down for naps as soon as we got home, so now I get a moment to myself (to blog). And, it's over...Chance just woke up. Happy New Year...and Happy Birthday, Chance!

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