Thursday, December 14, 2006

7 Blessed Years Ago

Chuck and I entered into a covenant that has produced many joys, and 2 precious boys. Our honeymoon was originally planned in Colorado to go snow skiing, but due to breaking my ankle a few weeks before the wedding, we rescheduled to spend a week in San Antonio of all places! Now the irony is, we live in San Antonio, and we finally got to go somewhere cold for our anniversary! Chuck surprised me by finding a cheap last minute travel deal to Niagara Falls for the weekend! So we left the boys with their grandparents (my first night away from Chance...he's truly weaned now), and jetted off to Buffalo NY. It took us 5 hours total to get there, and we had an incredible weekend. Their weather was unseasonably warm, which was fine by me! I still had 3-4 layers of clothing at a time! I think it was obvious that I was from Texas ;) Anyhow, we did a lot of sightseeing in this, their off peak season, and loved every minute of it! Of course, Chuck and I took tons of pictures...

Staying bundled up
Staying Bundled up

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

We also got to ride the Skywheel, a ferris wheel with climate controlled compartments, which had an awesome view of the Falls lit up at night....


The trip home was not as quick, with plane delays and transfers... It ended up taking us 3 plane rides and 10 hours to get back to Austin, but it was an adventure.

I have more pictures to share (big surprise there, huh?), but I'll wait until Chuck gets his pictures on the computer.

Niagara Falls

Then my family and I took the boys to the Austin Trail of Lights:

Austin's Trail of Lights

Charlie's Favorite was the Zilker Christmas Tree:

Zilker Tree

After that, I returned with Chance to San Antonio, as he got tubes in his ears yesterday morning. Everything went smoothly, thank you so much to the many who were praying for him. Afterwards he was a bit fussy from the anesthesia, but once we got home he was happy, and tried to walk around the house. It was funny watching a one year old (well, almost) walk like a drunk man! Then he took a 4 hour nap, also thanks to the anesthesia. Anyhow, we're so glad he has the tubes. The doctor even said his ears were already in the process of getting infected again! And he slept through the night last night, which was wonderful!!

I'll leave you with one funny story. As I was packing for our trip, and doing laundry, Chance (the constant investigator) decided to check out the dryer. Charlie soon followed. Charlie said, "It nice in here," because I'd just taken some clothes out (and they were sitting on the rest!) so it was still warm. Charlie kept asking me to close the dryer door, but I just couldn't do it.

But I guess you're not a kid until you've sat in the dryer. Someday they'll be too big to do it, so why not let them while they can? :)

How to Stay Warm in Winter

PS By popular demand from my last post, here's a pic of our house at night. My camera doesn't do very well with night photography (or at least I don't know how to do it), but hopefully you get the idea...

Christmas lights

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