Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Concluded

Whew, what a trip! It was great. We're home now, and readjusting to life as normal. But here's a quick recap...

1. We took the kids (Charlie plus his three cousins) to a playground and also came across an old train car that the boys could explore.

Then as we were standing there, another train actually came through. Of course, Charlie's totally into trains. It was way cool.

2. We had a great time with family. It was awesome to have everyone together, especially since two of Chuck's sisters live outside of Texas. Here a couple of pictures of Mitsi, Chuck's sister who lives in Kentucky, and her sweet family.

3. We left Nashville Sunday and drove 8 hours to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We did a little sightseeing the next morning, and then drove 11 hours home.

This is from the top of a tower, overlooking Hot Springs:

Trips like this give me a true perspective on how big Texas really is. Charlie kept asking, "We in Texas yet?" Of course, Texas was about half the drive! Also, Charlie loved hanging out in Nashville at "Uncle Brandon's house." Since we left, he hasn't stopped asking if we could go to Uncle Brandon's again. Heh, I don't think he realizes what a long drive it would be! The boys did really well coming home, considering. But now Chance cries anytime he sees the carseat!

Here's how Charlie was sleeping at one point:

Oh, and a couple of Charlie stories:
1. Whenever Chance would cry in the car, Charlie would say, "It ok Baby Bruder, I make it better," and he'd reach out and hold Chance's hand.

2. Charlie has a real thing for picking his nose and now he thinks it's funny to tell me he's going to eat it! Then he eats it! Blah! Anyhow, today as I was again explaining why we should wipe it instead, he began nuzzling my face with his nose. I thought he was trying to give me eskimo kisses, but then he exclaimed: "I wipe my boogers on you!"

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Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

Hadley is so into boogers right now too. What is it about boys and boogers. Thankfully, Hadley just wants me to wipe them off on a tissue. I'm sure the day is coming where he wants to eat them though and I'm not looking forward to it. Glad you guys are back safe. I'm feeling for you all sleeping in the same room especially if Chance is only sleeping 9 hours at a time.