Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thankful To Be In Nashville

Well, as a follow up to my last blog about this Thanksgiving roadtrip, we are here in Nashville. And things have gone better than I expected!

1. The kids really handled the car ride very well. Between the dvd player, toys, and snacks, they were fairly content for about 5 hours at a time. I was impressed! We even stopped at half a dozen McDonalds in Arkansas and Tennesse and had to keep going because they either didn't have playgrounds or the playgrounds were outdoors in the cold. I guess I've been spoiled in San Antonio. Even here in Franklin, I've yet to find an indoor playscape...

But this is what the boys looked like on the trip. They were so cute!

2. We stayed the first night with some dear friends near Tyler, Tx. They even gave us their master bedroom. It was so sweet!

Skylar gave us a sample of his great electric guitar skills:

So you know Chuck had to jam with him...

Keith & Sweet Macey:

Bailey and Skylar, sweet brothers, and a glimpse of what I hope Charlie and Chance will be someday:

3. Our second night we stayed in a hotel, and realized that sleeping in one room was not going to be easy for Chance, who is a very light sleeper.

However, one good thing was that every once in awhile I get a reminder of what Charlie was like as a baby...like when he sleeps in this position:

4. The third day of driving we made really good time. Other than Austin and Waco on I 35, traffic was always moving. Yet, outside of Little Rock, I had my cruise set on 80 (in a 70) and got my first speeding ticket ever! Bad Angie! He says I was going 81, which means the ticket is more expensive for being in the 11 and over bracket. Fun times... :P

The drive was beautiful, though. Texas and Arkansas had trees with leaves changing color:

Tennessee, you could tell, was a little colder, so most of the scenery looked more like this:

And near Franklin is this really cool bridge:

5. So we got to Nashville, and found out that our suite that I was so excited about, was only one room. So last night was a little tough, as well. But this morning I found out how to get upgraded to the two room suite, and have it for at least the next 2 nights. Hopefully someone will cancel and we can have it the entire time... But for now, we're happy, and praising God for the heated pool!

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