Friday, November 17, 2006

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I'm not doing a very good job of blogging often, am I?

Charlie was with my parents in Austin for part of this week, so there are less stories to tell, really. Chance is walking everywhere, and has learned to really ROAR. We went to the zoo today, and he roared at the toy lion in the lil kid center. I got it on video, it's great! On the way to the zoo Charlie asked if we could ride the train there, which I said yes, then he asked if he could get a train toy. I explained that he already had a train toy at home, to which he so cleverly replied, "I no (don't) have 2 of them!"

We met my cousins Jenna and Julie and their boys at the zoo. It was a great day!

We tried to get a good pic, but the boys wouldn't stop being silly long enough:

Such sweet cousins!

Ryan thought he was riding a bull! It was so funny!!

Oh, and Chance has cut more teeth. He now has 4 on bottom, 2 on top, and 2 more coming on top...See?

One other thing: yesterday someone asked Charlie what his favorite color was, and he replied "Orange and White." Wow! We didn't even teach him that! Although, now we've got to teach him to say burnt orange! Ha!

If you haven't seen or bought the movie should. Young or old, it's worth owning! Charlie has watched it many times since we got it, and his favorite part is when Mater and McQueen go tractor tipping... If you've seen it, what's your favorite part? I looked up stuff on Route 66 after seeing the movie, and it's so well done to incorporate so much history and facts into the movie. It's great! On the level of Monsters, Inc, in my opinion.

Here's Charlie, acting out the scene where Lightning McQueen flew thru the air:

See Sarah, you're not the only one letting your kid jump on the furniture! Heheh!

So, this week as we come into thanksgiving, be thankful if you don't have 2 lil kids strapped in a minivan, driving a thousand miles cross country. ;) We are leaving tomorrow and will return a week from Monday. We'll be in Franklin TN with Chuck's family, which will be so fun! 17 people in one little house, but still, so fun! Charlie and Chance will get to play with their 3 cousins, and two more are on the way!

Anyhow, we're outta here. Happy Thanksgiving!


Angie said...

Comment from Jenna:

Hey Angie! We had so much fun at the zoo with you guys, i hope we get together again real soon. hope yall have a safe and fun adventerous trip for thanksgiving! love you! Jenna

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

The zoo is absolutely my fave place to take the kids and it's especially fun when we have family/friends with us!!