Saturday, November 4, 2006

Charlie's Sick Today

I know, I've been blogging a lot lately! I have some friends who've inspired me to journal all these little funny moments that you soon forget...

Although today is not so funny: Charlie's sick today. It's a relief that now that he can communicate; he woke up telling me his tummy hurt. When he didn't know how to tell us what was hurting, I would feel so helpless, not knowing what to do. So, here's one time when I'm grateful that my little chatterbox can speak. One other thing I'm grateful for, is how he likes to cuddle when he's sick. Isn't that terrible? To like when my kid is sick? From the time he could crawl, around 6 months old, he no longer wanted to be held but wanted to be down as much as possible, working on his mobility. Nursing him was such a challenge for the second half of his first year. I often felt like I was wrestling an alligator! So, the one time that I can really hold and love on him, even now, is when he's sick. So we've enjoyed our cool falll day curled up on the couch. It's bad timing for him though, because Chuck had planned on bringing him to an Airshow today at Kelly Airforce Base. And my heart just breaks when he tells me "I want my tummy not hurt anymore" with tears in his eyes. I'd trade him places in a second.

However, we have had a few funny moments lately. Yesterday, Charlie stripped off his shirt and strutted around the house, saying, "Charlie look cool." I don't know where he got that idea.

And Chance, oh let me tell you, he has been cracking me up lately. He's been very happy, as usual. We've noticed he's especially drawn to the computer. I wonder where he got that from (Chuck!!)? It's hard for me to turn the lap top on, because he'll come scurrying over to bang on the keyboard... And did I mention he drools all over it, too?! I won't be surprised if this laptop gives out soon because of all the moisture.

He's also been "roaring" a lot lately. He will walk (wobbly) from room to room, scaring any bears that might be lurking in the shadows. Speaking of the bears, Charlie tells me about them. He grabs his flashlight and points it around the room, saying, "Look at that bear, Mommy. He climbing. And there's his mommy bear. They nice bears." I guess the boys make a good team: Charlie sights'em and Chance scares'em away.

Also, Chance is a bear when it comes to food! My dad tells me it just tickles him to see how much Chance likes food. I wonder where he got that from, too (Chuck!!)? Anytime I have food or a drink, Chance comes running (well not running yet, but in a hurry), and makes happy toddler sounds, basically saying, "I'm so excited you're going to give me some, Mommy!". How could I refuse that?? At least he doesn't cry in protest until I fill his little salivating mouth.

And speaking of crying...there is only one thing in Chance's life that makes him cry in frustration: the sippy cup. I recently bought him his own cup, different from Charlie's, because he can't figure out how to drink from Charlie's. But this is not good enough. He wants to be like brother, more than he wants his own cup. And the competition has begun...

The boys do have certain communication skills now, which I find amusing. When Chance is tired now, instead of just fussing, he finds a pillow or blanket and lays his head on it for a moment. And Charlie is learning the concept of time, because everything that has happened in the past, he says happened "last night." "Last night I had a birthday party, last night I rode my harley davits (motorcycle), last night I put my motorcycle to the shop" (he knows a lot about Harley's, ha!!). Oh, and when he talks to my dad, who has a Harley, he tells him, "Charlie get bigger, (voice deepens) drive big motorcycle." I guess we all know where got that from. Thanks, Dad! ;) Maybe we were asking for it when we named him cHARLIE DAVID...Or cHARLIE, DAVID's grandSON. Way to go, us!

And he has big plans of buying everything when he gets bigger, he tells me. He told me yesterday he's going to buy an airplane fore each of us. He also tells me he wants everything he sees a commercial for! And sometimes I tell him, "that's for girls," to which he replies: "I want boy's one."

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