Monday, November 6, 2006

Charlie's New Day

Have you ever seen the movie Chicken Little? In the movie, as Chicken Little tries to get over his "the sky is falling" embarressment, he tells himself, "Today is a new day." Charlie has really picked up on that and says it from time to time.

So Sunday morning, after being sick the day before, he comes down the stairs from his room and says, "Today is Charlie's new day, Mommy!" Usually he just says, "Good morning, Mommy. The sun came up in my room." Then this morning, instead he said "My poopie dropping, I can't walk!" I ran upstairs to see he had diahrrea, and a leaky diaper. You're right, Charlie, every day is new.

Awhile back I made the mistake of being a voice for one of his stuffed animals. Now he wants me to make everything talk, all the time. Even as I type this, he keeps bringing me his fruit snacks, saying "Make this one talk". He loves hearing them beg for mercy as he stuffs them in his mouth. What am I teaching my child?!

Charlie has another game we play, now, too. At night, once we finish reading a book, we usually hug, kiss, pray, then I leave him to go to sleep. Lately he's gotten to where anytime I give him a kiss, he wipes it off. Now, he hides under the blanket to avoid the kiss. But I begin to leave the room, he cries for a kiss. Chuck kisses him in the middle of his back, where he can't easily reach to wipe it off. It's become quite a source of entertainment.

And Mr. Chance is more into exploring than being entertained at the moment. He spends his days snooping throughout the house. About a month ago Chuck had to install the gate by the stairs because I counted over 40 times in one day I had to pull Chance off of the staircase. And feeding him has become more challenging, because unless he can feed it to himself, he's not interested. I worry about his nutrition sometimes, since he eats cereal, cookies, marshmellows and peas all day. But he's still growing, so I guess he'll be ok.

Did I mention Chance is also a little flirt? He likes to get the attention of people, then lay his head against my chest as if to say, "You can't hold me!" It's hilarious, really. And he plays this game sometimes, where he'll reach out for Daddy, then turn back and reach out for Mommy. He goes back and forth. He's indecisive, just like Chuck, too! :P

Chance has also earned a couple of nicknames. 1. "Hoover," because he crawls around the house vacuuming up every crumb he can find. I have to clean the floors constantly on account of him! 2. "The little escape artist," because if he ever sees an open door, he goes for it. And he cries whenever a door is closed, whether he was heading for it or not!

Other random tidbits:

Has anyone else noticed the irony in that the Jehovah's Witnesses are passing out a pamphlet entitled, "The End of False Religion is Near"?

If you like oatmeal, I have discovered the ultimate: Kashi brand, Raisin Spice instant oatmeal. I wasn't a huge oatmeal eater until I found this, and now I eat it nearly everyday! I've started buying 2-3 boxes at a time!! The boys love it, too!


Angie said...

Comment from Stacia:

I'm so proud of you for blogging. I love all the cute stories plus you are going to have your memories captured forever and you've got to love that. :)

Angie said...

Comment from mr skin:

My nephew is Cuckoo for Chicken Little. That kid has seen that movie 100 times now.