Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Couple of Random Thoughts

For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

I just heard a great sermon. My pastor has been doing a series of sermons just on John 3:16, and it has been soooo refreshing. It amazes me how you never stop learning, even from a verse you know by heart. Today he spoke on "that none should PERISH" and on the reality of hell. What I appreciated is that he described hell, which is not a pretty picture, and doesn't always sit well with people. He apologized for those who've heard it used (by pastors) to be an emotional manipulation, saying that anyone who could speak excitedly (and anything but grief-fully, for lack of a good adjective) doesn't truly grasp what a terrible place hell is. He tempered that with pointing out how we use it so casually (ex: " That was one hell of a golf game."), however we don't use other sources of torment and pain in the same way ("That was one AIDS of a golf game."). And he noted that those who say "How could a loving God create/allow/send people to...hell?" don't realize that we're not able to judge. The offender (which is what we all are, since we are sinners) doesn't get to choose the sentence, and the offended usually has a better grasp on what true justice would be. And then, the glorious hope: that Jesus went to hell for us, that we might not have to, if we only just believe. How incredible!

On a lighter note, we were walking through Target and overheard one young man (probably about 13) tell his friend, "Yeah, I did 150 push ups, and I was sore at first...but it just boggles my mind, the results" (as he flexes his arms)... It was so hard to walk by with out cracking up right there! Ah, if ever I heard a perfect summation for the effects of testosterone!

BTW If you're interested in more about the John 3:16 stuff, you can get the cds of the sermons through the church (, and eventually it'll be published in book form, which you can watch for at Or message me and I can see about getting cds...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chance is...Walking?!

I realize that I have not written in awhile about Chance and his progress. He is now almost 10 months old. At 7 months he took his first step. That still blows my mind. Charlie took his first step at 7 months as well. I thought Charlie was an exception, that babies are not supposed to start walking that fast. So, I didn't encourage Charlie's development. I didn't hold his hands and lead him around the room. Yet by 10 months he achieved walking completely on his own, and also didn't want to ever hold hands! Since it made no difference last time, I have been helping Chance along, seeing as how these boys will walk when they want to. And also Chance has enough obstacles, mainly Charlie always mowing him over.

So, Chance is up to taking about 15-20 steps before giving up. He just amazes me. He is so cautious. When Charlie was at the stage, I couldn't turn my back on him for a second because he would fall and bruise his head. His head continually had a row of bruises (and people in public probably thought we abused him!). Chance, on the other hand, is not fond of falling. He tests everything before he tries it. He's even learned to fall in such a way that he doesn't get hurt. The funny thing is, he will cry if he falls, just because it scared him. Charlie never cried unless it hurt. It is absolutely amazing how different personalities can come from the same set of parents. Although, really, Charlie favors me more in the being active and having no sense of fear or caution, and Chance is more like Chuck, patient enough to think things through.

Anyhow, it is so much fun to watch Chance grow. He is such a happy and content child, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his personality as he grows. And it is so neat to see his relationship with his big brother develop. Charlie has had opportunity to truly show his nurturing side. Not that he wants to dress him or change his diaper like girls would, but he always comes running if he thinks Chance needs me, and tries to comfort Chance when he cries. Last week, as we were driving about an hour away from home, Chance began crying and Charlie told him, "(It's) Ok, Baby Brother, (we're) almost home." It was so sweet. And when he hurts Chance (usually not on purpose), he's learned to give him a hug and kiss and tell him he's sorry. It's usually the apology that gets Charlie to tears, not because he's in trouble, but because he's really sorry for hurting his little brother.

So now I'm taking a census from people who have children older than mine: Is it better to stop at 2 kids or have more? While I'm leaning toward being done, I'm trying to be open to whatever God has planned... Please feel free to comment with your opinion. I would greatly appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Crazy Day

Well, in case you hadn't heard, or if maybe you can gain some wisdom from our experience, let me tell you about my day...

At 6 AM Chuck woke up with chest pain, trouble breathing, and numb arms. By 7 AM it began to grow worse, so he woke me up, we called 911, the EMS came and rushed him to the ER.

Fortunately, the symptoms subsided without medication while he was on the way to the ER. Once I got there with the boys, I was not able to stay in the room with Chuck because of the kids. So we sat in the waiting room and checked in from time to time until my parents came from Austin to take the boys back home. The doctors ran various tests, and much to our surprise, everything was fine! It was quite a nightmare, we couldn't imagine what had caused such an episode. The doctors said there was a 95% chance that his heart had nothing to do with the problem. That was a relief (Chuck had a heart condition and a surgery to correct it about 3 years ago). They ruled out the big things: collapsed lung, heart disease/attack, blood clots, etc. So they said most likely it was acid reflux?! Wierd, right?! Evidentally sometimes reflux can come on so suddenly that it's mistaken for a heart attack.

So now we're back home, back to normal, and once again reminded of how God gives us every breath, and so thankful to Him that Chuck's ok. (Thank You, The Lord Who Heals, for letting this scare be nothing more than reflux!)

So if ever you see someone having similar symptoms to a heart attack or stroke, but with both arms tingling/numb, be sure to get them upright (and still seek emergency care, just in case)...but know that it could be reflux, not their heart.