Friday, August 18, 2006

More Funny Stories with Charlie

Charlie is full of fun and entertainment, as only a 2 year old can be.

First of all, he has a stuffed "girl puppy" that he treats as his baby. He does everything Mommy does. He swings her in Chance's swing. He lifts up his shirt and pretends she's nursing. (In fact the other day, he covered her with a blanket like Mommy does Chance while feeding). Then, as we do when Charlie's throwing a fit and needs to calm down, he puts her in the bathroom until he says she stops crying. Then he holds her and rocks her to sleep.

He's also learning to share. The other day as I sat on the couch typing an email, he started pushing keys. I told him "Not now, Mommy's busy" to which he replied: "Mommy share with Charlie?" Whaddaya do when it gets turned back on you?! So young, yet so clever...

He's even learning to go to one parent over the other. He was playing in his room when he fell (probably jumped off his bed), and began crying. Chance had just been put to sleep in the next room, so Chuck told him "Shhh", meaning, keep your volume down, not stop crying. That hurt Charlie's feelings, so he came downstairs to me and tattled. As he sobbed, he said "Daddy tell Charlie 'Shh!'"

He's learning the difference between boys and girls. His favorite movie is responsible for that. He loves "The Little Rascals" and has started saying "Girls say (high pitched) 'Ahhhh!' and boys say (deeper pitched) 'Ahhh!'". Recently someone asked him if he liked girls, and to my delight, he said No. Child after my own heart...heheh.

He's developed impeccable manners. As I had taught him "Thank you, Please, and Yes Ma'am/Sir," he has sought to master it. There are times when he uses it without prompting and just makes my heart melt. As I had finished our bedtime routine one evening (read a book, pray, hug and kiss), he said to me "Thank you, Mommy." I told him "You're welcome." Then, for the first time ever without coercing, the moment I'd been waiting for: "I wub (love) you, Mommy." Thankfully he didn't realize he could've asked me for anything at that moment and I'd given in.

Of course, he's still a bit destructive. Recently I spent all day on a project on the computer, as I neared the finish line, he crawled under the desk and turned the power off on the power strip. I cried. About a month ago, while I was even in the room (just distracted by a phone call...which is why I don't talk on the phone anymore!), he took a writing pen to our couch....all over our couch! As I surveyed the damage, I groaned "Oh Buddy..." to which he replied "Charlie no name Buddy, (my) name (is) Charlie!". Another moment where I was near tears. Praise God for the Magic Eraser, although I haven't gotten it all out yet...

He's also turned rowdy, much more kidlike (or specifically more boylike). I used to worry about him at playgrounds, that he'd get run over by the bigger kids. Now I have to watch him just to make sure he doesn't mow some poor little kid over!

He's also more independent. He can pull his own clothes (and diaper!) off, and attempts to put his clothes/shoes on by himself. He can undo his own seat belt (once I give him permission, usually).

His days of defiantly saying "No!" have been replaced by what I think is his toddler version of rolling his eyes. If I ask him a question and he's mad at me, he won't answer and instead will look at me and blink many times, as if to say "Yeah right, I'm not giving you an answer." Fortunately, he's turned a corner and isn't as testing as he had been. The days when "No" were most often heard have been replaced with "Watch me, Mommy!"

And of course, he's still a great big brother, still exceeding my expectations. He always tries to calm baby brother, entertain him, and play with him. He rarely acts jealous. He even tries to pick him up, and sometimes wrestle him. We have the usual problems, such as him taking away toys Chance is playing with, but luckily Chance is too young to know any better.

And this parenting thing, as challenging as it is, is still worth every moment...because with Charlie there is never a dull moment!

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