Monday, July 24, 2006

Laughter Makes It Home

When my brother Adam came to live with us, one of my favorite moments was to hear Charlie and him playing. The laughter would fill the house, and it was such a great delight to me. Chuck and I talked about how wonderful it is to hear children of our home laughing, and how it made our home feel complete. And then it happened again. It began just after Chance developed the ability to laugh, when we were in the car (well, minivan, now that I'm a soccer mom) that Charlie realized he could make Chance laugh. And now that Chance is mobile, the game is truly on. The boys are finding more and more in common and entertaining each other often. Charlie often starts laughing just to get Chance to do it. Then it's like a ping pong game, back and forth, until everyone has joined in. And even this afternoon as I put Chance in his crib to take a nap, he looked up at me, smiled, then began just laughing. While the fact that he wouldn't go to sleep was a bit frustrating, his laughing made up for it. Soon we were both laughing, and he has now found a way to get out of taking a nap. Well, at least laughter is good medicine!

PS There are lots of new pics under life of Charlie, and life of Chance...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Crawling Chance

It's already happened: Chance is definitely not a (newborn) baby anymore. He turned 6 months old and BAM!! All within one week he figured out how to: crawl, pull up to standing, sit alone, and babble. No more cute little coos, it's all "Abba abba" and "Mama mama" from here on out! Little stinker! How is it that they grow so fast?! Yet I love him so much more everyday. And he and Charlie still have such a wonderful relationship...even though he loves to pull hair, especially Charlie's. Just today, when Charlie sat on the living room floor, Chance crawled over to him and was pulling his hair, kissing him (open mouthed, not puckered, of course), and laughing. Pretty soon they'll be chasing each other around the house, wrestling, and fighting over toys. Oh the joy!