Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Charlie's Challenges

Don't you wish you had a 2 year old?

Here's a recap of the week so far:


Charlie saw Chuck pull off two ripe jalapenos off our plants, so he decides to harvest the eight other buds. He brings them to me, saying, "Cook, Mommy, Cook."


Charlie watches a movie with the intention of falling asleep for naptime. When the movie ends, he takes the dvd out of the player, and puts another one in, and presses play, hoping Mommy won't realize he just lengthened his time. Later, he walks out of the bedroom, saying, "Mommy, Charlie woke-ed up". Because Mommy should be clueless and never check and see that he never went to sleep all along. I still can't believe he knows how to work the dvd player though!

That evening, as he sits beside Daddy on the couch, he begins pulling off keys to the laptop keyboard. I guess he's getting good at electronics. Then as he is told it's bedtime, he begs to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. This is a rare request, so I tell him he can make a pallet on the floor. That seems to work, until 4 am he wakes everyone up wanting more chocolate milk...


The usual occurance happened this morning: Mommy finally(!) got a shower...which meant that Charlie had to have a turn in the shower. Usually if he knows I'm about to shower, he throws a fit that his turn must be first. This time I got in without him knowing, so he kindly waited until afterwards.

Later, as I sit and feed Chance, he comes in from the porch (leaving the front door wide open to let all our cool air out, as usual), and sits on Chance's playmat, allowing his poopy diaper to drip all over the mat. The mat, incidentally, was just washed yesterday because he had markered all over it a few days before.

Then after the poopy incident, he got to choose: would he get another shower, or a bath? He chooses bath. Once bath time is over, I inform him its nap time. Suddenly he wants another shower. Once he realizes I'm not giving in to that one, he refuses to get out of the bathtub, even though all the water is drained out. I tell him I'm leaving the room til he calms down...So I find him next sitting on the bench in the bathroom, hitting the window. Thankfully these windows can handle the onslaught of a 2 year old. After a long heated confrontation which includes throwing everything off his bed (blanket, stuffed animals, book to read, etc), he's finally asleep. And I've got about 1.5 hours to recooperate emotionally until he finds something else to get into...

It's amazing how you can see that sin nature rare its ugly head at an early age. I've gotten to where reverse psychology is how I get him to do anything, because he has to feel that he was rebelling against my authority. I guess God was right when He said, "The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it?"

The other amazing thing is the covenant love, the unconditional love that God gives you for your kids. He's slapped me, kicked me, thrown things at me, and yet I love him more than my very life.

So again I ask, Don't you wish you had a 2 year old?

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Nice read, Ya Ya. Been there, done that. It gets even more challenging. You ain't seen nothing yet.