Friday, April 21, 2006

More of Charlie's Funny Moments

In the evening, we've made a habit of discussing what happened thru the day once we get the kids to bed. It strikes me that maybe I should share these some of the stories we laugh about here... There's always entertainment when Charlie is around. I recently had 2 experiments in parenting blow up in my face:

1. Charlie has a bad tendency to run off in public places. I'm seriously about to purchase a kid-leash. But the other day in Target he ran off, despite him hearing me say, "No sir, come back or we're leaving." Well, this time I decided to follow from a distance and stay back until he freaked out when he realized he couldn't find Mom. I stood at the end of the toy aisle, spying on him for 15 minutes while he played with toys. He was picking up little animals and making their noises and laughing at himself. At one point he called out for me, but hearing no response, he just went back to playing. Then my cell phone rang, blowing my cover! So he just said, "Hey Mom." Oh well for that experiment...Now he'll probably never get freaked out, thinking I'm always nearby, just spying on him.

2. The second experiment was to take Chance to the nursery at church to see if that would encourage Charlie to go. Before Chance was born, Charlie loved Bible class. But the first time we went to church afterwards, he bawled when I left him, knowing that the baby got to go with Mommy and he didn't. Even when I returned, he was bawling, because he'd seen other mommies come get their kids, and wanted me. And this has been a fight ever since. When I tell him we're going to church, he protests, saying "No Bible Class! No church!" So finally Chance is old enough to go, although truthfully I had no reason to not keep him with me since he's so easy to care for... But I decided maybe if Charlie saw Chance go to nursery, he'd feel better about his Bible Class. Wrong! He cried for the baby when we left him. He did not want Chance to be in Bible class either! But I guess this experiment kinda worked, because he had no problem going to his Bible Class afterwards...

And lately Charlie has been into EVERYTHING. One morning he got up, and instead of waking me like he normally does (whether it's "Morning Mommy" or "Choc-it milk" or "charlie hold you, momma")....he decided to pull everything out of my purse, and ever so quietly rub my chapstick all over his body! Another time he woke up from a nap, didn't wake me, and quietly went thru Chance's diaper bag, found a small tub of vaseline and rubbed that all over his body! And last week I was giving him a bath and accidentally left the conditioner on the he dumped the whole thing out into his bath water. He's done that with the shampoo before too. Oh, and once we caught him eating his we called poison control and had to fill him full of diary products! It seems like the list never ends. What fun it is to be a parent of a 2 year old! :)

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