Monday, April 10, 2006

Charlie's Future Occupation

Charlie is becoming quite the kid... I could go on and on about how much more of his personality I see everyday. He's strong-willed. Just accompany us to a public place, and I'm sure you'll see what I mean! He's nurturing. I had no idea how much until his baby brother Chance came into his life. He's smart. It amazes me the things he can figure out, and get into! He's social. Much like his mommy, he gravitates to older kids on the playground, although he likes to watch out for the little kids too. He's not shy and he loves being the center of attention. If there's a stage around, you can bet he'll find it!

All this added up to one revelation a couple of weeks ago: As we came to a park, I asked Charlie which playground he wanted, and he picked the one that was further away because it had more kids. Then it hit me. Strong willed leader, nurturing, smart, social...I might just have a future pastor on my hands.

My next thought was, "Oh no Lord, not my son! Being in ministry can leave you so beat up! I don't want him to endure all the pressures and pains that come from being a Shepherd of a church. The sheep will hurt him deeply, and scrutinize and criticize, the world outside will have constant adversaries, and the pain involved from watching your sheep go astray and leave the flock! I will gladly serve, but don't do that to him please!"

Then I thought, maybe that's why God had me get a seminary I might raise and train men to serve Him...who happen to be from my own womb! Hummm...

So I got home that day and told Chuck my revelation. And in only the most gentle way that he can say it, he reminds me, "Ang, he's only 2." Oh yeah...

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