Friday, April 21, 2006

Chance's Newest Tricks

Aside from the adorable smiles we've been getting for awhile, it seemed like not much was happening with Chance other than physical growth. He'd started flipping from belly to back around 2 months old, and that was about it. Charlie was completely rolling over by 6 weeks (from the couch to the floor one time, that was not fun!), so it's been nice having one more interested in just being a baby and not trying to grow up so fast. Well, last week we got our first giggle. And he's cooing all the time. He's a little chatterbox, really. And lately he's been a turtle...I put him in his bed to sleep, he'll flip onto his back, and then cry for me to come back and flip him back onto his belly.

Oh, and about the technique I'm trying...Chuck said I need to update, because I'm not following it so closely now. First of all, it was really hard to keep a log of all the times everyday. The principles I am sticking to are: Keeping him up after feedings during the day, letting him calm himself to sleep. Basically what I'd been doing before. He's still not sleeping thru the night though. He was going 6 hours, then he bumped it back up to 2-3 hours. Finally the pediatrician solved the mystery as to the change: he's ready for cereal. So Tuesday was his first time with solid foods. He can't figure out how to eat from a spoon yet, but we're getting there. He's going about 4 hours thru the night now. So I don't know if that technique really works for other folks, but I kinda gave up. I think if I'd started it from the beginning it would've worked better.

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