Saturday, December 31, 2005

We're Home Now

Whew! What a wonderful week! Hope you're having a great holiday. As you can see, we've been blessed again with another beautiful baby boy. We got out of the hospital last night just after 9 PM, so we were there only a day and a half! Not too shabby! We're home now, and things are going smoothly. We're ready for visitors! You can just email me ( if you need directions or just wanna come our way! I'm so amazed yet again at how God can create and place such blessings in our lives. It's almost too good to be true.

Oh yeah, and the pictures are up! Just click above on Gallery: The Life of Chance: 0 to 6 months.


Angie said...

Comment from Peggy Davis:

Hey guys -- the pictures are adorable. Congratulations. Your house is precious too. Charlie seemed somewhat amused in the pictures, but not real sure what that squiggly, red bundled thing was exactly (or what good he'll be until he's a playmate!) Thanks for sharing. Love Peggy

Angie said...

Comment from Stephanie:

Angie, Chuck, Charlie, and Chance
you all are so blessed. What a gorgeous family and what happy pictures. They made my day. Two beautiful healthy boys - what more could you ask for (I know, three beautiful healthy boys) ok ok - so maybe later.
Congratulations and you know where you have a babysitter when you're in town next.

Angie said...

Comment from Maribelle:

Hey Hunnie!Sorry Have not Had The "Chance" To Talk To You Much! Between St.louis and Trying To Get Everyone Ready and Doing School Work So I Could Leave Has Been Hard! Tell Charlieand Chance And Aunt Mae Mae Misses Them! Hugs And Kisses! Call When you Get The Chance! -Maribellle