Monday, December 19, 2005

Charlie Met Santa Today

Ok, so I was feeling really bad about how Charlie's never had a picture with Santa...So today we stood in line for just over an hour (no easy feat with an almost 2 year old, I assure you!), and the whole time Charlie was so excited to meet him. He was all prepped to tell Santa "Ho ho ho." We finally get up to him, and guess what? He chickened out! He got scared and wouldn't let go of me! Although I'd dressed Charlie for the occassion, I hadn't planned on being in this picture. But I did it...I sat in Santa's lap, and Charlie sat in mine! (Santa's leg was probably numb from all the weight! I've gained 35 pounds with Chance so far, so he really had 3 people on one knee!) You can check out the pic under The life of Charlie: The Second Year. Santa gave him some M&Ms and luckily that got him to smile for the picture. Bribery is a tool I've never found so important! And you know he's Chuck's kid when food makes him do what you want. Ha! So Merry Christmas everybody, and "Ho ho ho."

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