Saturday, December 24, 2005

Charlie's Latest Funny Moments

A couple of good stories have occurred lately that I should chronicle...
The other day as Chuck and I were talking, I exclaimed "Dang!" Well, wouldn't you know, our little parrot named Charlie immediately imitated it. Chuck started laughing at me, saying "Look what you just taught our child!". With classic timing, Charlie then exclaimed "Doh!". That was awesome, I hadn't realized he'd picked that one up from Chuck! He got us both!
Also, last week we attended a Christmas party at the home of some newly acquired friends from church. As about a dozen of us sat around the living room, Charlie decided to crawl on top of their coffee table and start dancing! As if that wasn't enough, his dancing turned from saying "Shake shake shake", shaking his booty, then he was "getting down" as we call it...Then he started spanking himself!!! I'd never seen him consider that a dance, usually he just does that to show me where his hiney is! We were telling him not to do it, but the roar of laughter in the room was enough to keep him going. It was so fun and so embarressing at the same time!

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