Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Saying Giraffe and other things

Charlie's been developing skills so fast. This week he's been saying "giraffe", although it sounds more like "raffe". I think he picked that up from going to the zoo last week with Randi and Mari. This is one of the first animal words he's said, all the others are sounds (like "meow, woof woof, heeeheee). He does say "snake." He also started learning colors. He calls everything "blue." He tries to say "bite please" but it comes out "bite ez." He also loves to help me load the washer and dryer, and pick up toys. And he's really into using a fork and spoon at mealtime. He's also getting more social...everytime we go to a playground, he's bored unless there are other kids around. He also loves coloring with markers, and I think he uses his right hand most of the time... I guess we've got a right-hander! I'm still trying to teach him about the baby brother he has coming. I don't think he really gets it yet...

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