Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Check Out Family Events

Ok, I'm having too much fun here. Be sure to check out Family Events under the gallery, where I've posted all the highlights of all the events over the past few years!

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Angie said...


Hey Chuck! Send me an email. I was trying to find your email address and all I found was this goofy website. Looks great though. Especially the little baby Chuck and the new house. So cool to see you living in San Antonio. I just met a girl from San Antonio and have been getting to see a lot of the city recently. In fact, I went to the riverwalk for the first time just last weekend. Hard to believe one could spend their whole life in Austin and never see the riverwalk in San Antonio. I meant to get in touch with you after the class reunion but your old website didn't have an EMAIL address on it. What are you doing in San Antonio these days? Drop me a line if you have time.
Matthew Stevens