Sunday, October 30, 2005

In Memory of Pappy

Today, Sunday October 30, 2005, Arthur Villareal passed peacefully into the arms of Jesus, surrounded by his wife of 54 years, 10 children, and many grandkids. Under family events in the gallery, you can see our pics of him thru the years. Even in his death, our family was blessed, in that he didn't suffer long, and was able to say good-bye to everyone. Thank you, Lord.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Experiments in XUL - Part 1

I have had an interest in XUL for quite some time. It seems that I keep flirting with it, but never get a chance to spend the time needed to really wrap my head around it. A couple recent events have recently renewed my interest.

  • I read about NuFox which is an attempt to make XUL applications a reality using Python, Twisted, and Nevow. Initially this looked really cool, but there is a small problem. While I admire the work that the Twisted and Nevow guys are doing, it would require another steep learning curve on top of the steep XUL learning curve. Plus this isn't quite the direction I am shooting for right now.

  • A few days later, I found some cool examples of XUL. At this point I'm getting pretty excited as these are the first decent examples of XUL that I have found in the wild.

  • Then, I stumbled upon Bloxor, a blog aggregator written in XUL. It seems to be based off the code from the XUL examples above. I'm not certain if it is written by the same guy or not. This is the first web based XUL app that I have found to be useful.

  • The next day, the source code for Bloxor was released under the GPL. And there was much rejoicing in the land!

So not only do I now have some decent XUL examples, but I also have the source to a decent XUL app. Suddenly the XUL learning curve doesn't seem so steep. :)

My initial goal with all of this is to make it easier to write XUL based web applications. This will also serve as a proof of concept for some future projects I have up my sleeve. My initial attempts will be with Python as I have also been playing with several Python web frameworks (CherryPy, Turbo Gears and Django) lately .

I think I have mentioned enough buzz words for one post, so next time I hope to see how easy it is to serve up some XUL.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Saying Giraffe and other things

Charlie's been developing skills so fast. This week he's been saying "giraffe", although it sounds more like "raffe". I think he picked that up from going to the zoo last week with Randi and Mari. This is one of the first animal words he's said, all the others are sounds (like "meow, woof woof, heeeheee). He does say "snake." He also started learning colors. He calls everything "blue." He tries to say "bite please" but it comes out "bite ez." He also loves to help me load the washer and dryer, and pick up toys. And he's really into using a fork and spoon at mealtime. He's also getting more social...everytime we go to a playground, he's bored unless there are other kids around. He also loves coloring with markers, and I think he uses his right hand most of the time... I guess we've got a right-hander! I'm still trying to teach him about the baby brother he has coming. I don't think he really gets it yet...

Check Out Family Events

Ok, I'm having too much fun here. Be sure to check out Family Events under the gallery, where I've posted all the highlights of all the events over the past few years!

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Things Are Changing! (again)

Okay... Hopefully I have settled, and we can start moving forward with our new website. We will now be using WordPress. I should soon have a gallery up and running soon so that Angie can start posting pictures. We'll see how things go.